Days of the Dead Atlanta – Part One

Tara Reid was the main headliner who went, and it was neat to meet her in person. She was nice enough. I’m glad to add another Tara Reid to my collection, and this one will be the last.  She didn’t have a huge selection of photos to choose from, but I was happy with the one I chose.


Lita Ford is without a doubt one of the queens of “Rock”. She was a super nice lady, even though her prices for a photo with her were a bit high (as high as a signature). It’s not easy to make solid rock pickups for my collection, so I jumped at a chance to meet Lita. Dee Snider and Stephen Pearcy were also at the convention, but for the prices they were charging, I passed and that’s something I rarely do.


Ron Simmons is a guy i’ve ALWAYS wanted to meet. He’s a super nice man and he let me record a video with him saying “DAMN” with him, which was neat. I’ve now got two Ron Simmons autographs in the collection and much like Tara Reid, I wish he had better photos at his booth, most seemed a bit blury, or had other wrestlers like D-LO Brown on it, who didn’t really make the shot as attractive.


Dee Wallace played the mom in ET and had staring roles in Cujo and “The Howling”. She was a super sweet lady and had more photos to choose from than I could of ever imagined (over 50) I ended up selecting this ET one, which I thought turned out super well.


Meg Foster is best known for her roles in “Lords of Salem”, “The Scarlet Letter” and “They Live” but I absolutely adore her from “He-Man”. I loved this movie growing up, and I was thrilled beyond words to add her to my collection.  I thought it turned out great in Silver.



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