A neat multisig with some rookies!

Laurence R. Harvey and Emma Lock both starred in the… film that is best known as “The Human Centipede 2”. While I think the film is low brow and gives horror a bad name, I couldn’t resist starting a multisig project.  Laurence R. Harvey and Emma Lock are best known for the Centipede film…neither have done much yet. Either way it’s a neat addition to the collection


Chris Myers is a two time pro-bowler for the texans and one of the best thing our franchise has going for it.  Card Companies hate offensive lineman, and seldom produce cards of them, as a result, the only card Myers has is a press plate, for an unproduced card from the Panini Fathers Day packs where they put in weird stuff.  So the guy has less than 5? rookie cards, which is absurd and kind of stupid, but I’m thankful I was able to track down the card.


Frank Selee was a manager for the Boston Beaneasters in the 1800’s. The guy never had a rookie card, so I went with his Perez-Steele HOF card, which qualifies as his rookie. He was inducted to the MLB HOF almost 100 years after his career was over, in 1999.



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