Fanboy Expo 2014: part one!

Jon Heder & Efren Ramirez both signed this 8×10. Both gentleman were super nice and friendly and took time to talk to you, which is fairly rare for most conventions.  Jon Heder was also in Blades of Glory and The Benchwarmers and Efren Ramirez was in Crank.  Ramirez signed it first and signed the wrong side of the photo, and Heder quiped “Gosh” when he saw it. I loved getting this multisig done in one fell swoop.


Kevin Conroy is Batman. While a friend helped me at at Dallas Comic Con years ago get Conroy at his first public appearance; Conroy has always been on my “must meet” list and he did not disappoint.  Conroy was a heck of a guy to meet, and I think this photo turned out well!


Doug Bradley is best known for playing Pinhead in Hellraiser. I’ve always wanted to meet him, and I couldn’t pass up getting his book signed for my collection. Hellraiser is an iconic character and a sweet addition to my collection.


Thomas Ian Nicholas played Kevin in the American Pie movies. He’s a total class act in person and contributed to some pretty good movies like “Rookie of the Year” and was even in Halloween: Resurrection. I’ve got a lot of that cast now too!


Fred Ottman is better known as”Tugboat” & “Typhoon” and lest not forget the worst wrestling gimmick ever in “The Shockmaster”. He didn’t do much during his WWE tenure, or WCW tenure, but did hold down the WWE tag belt with Typhoon with Earthquake for a time.


Michael Golden created X-mens Rogue and Bucky O’Hare. He did a lot of work on my beloved G.I. Joe and made such a huge impact on Marvel comics. Dude is a legend.


Arthur Suydam is the “Zombie King”, while i’ve never been a fan of Marvel Zombies, or most Zombie comics, his cover work on Batman vs Predator is nothing short of awesome.



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