A Huge Multisig pickup!


1. Jessica Morris has been in Reel Evil, Killer Eye, One Life to Live & Trophy Heads
2. Daniel Griffith – has done a few minor independent documentaries, nothing fancy
3. Charles Band is the insane mind behind the Full Moon company. He’s a B Horror movie genius, inventing properties such as Puppet Masters, Evil Bong and the Gingerdead man.
4. Shayne Bitterling is a writer, who’s best work is Puppet Master: Axis Rising
5. Robin Sydney is best known for her work in Gingerdead Man and Evil Bong.
6. Richard Band is best known for his composing work for Re-Animator, Puppet Master and Troll
7. Amy Paffrath is an actress who i’ve already gotten a signature of, but don’t mind another. She was in the Purge, and two broke girls recently and has been in the Evil Bong movies.
8. Dave Parker is the director of The Dead Hate the Living, Masters of Horror, and The Hills Run Red
9.  Maddox  is a New York Times best-selling author of “The Alphabet Of Manliness” and famous blogger on his personal web site who was a really huge deal in 2005-2006
10. C. Courtney Joyner was the director for Lurking Fear and did the screenplays  for several full moon films
11. David DeCoteau is another director of Puppet Master films, and a lot of  C-Grade horror like Sorority Babes in the Slimeball.
12. Danny Bilson was the director of the 80’s TV show The Flash & The Rocketeer and worked on Trancers as well!
13. Ted Nicholaou  is a director and writer, known for TerrorVision , Dragonworld and Vampire Journals.
14. Megan Ward was in Trancers and General Hospital
15. Tim Thomerson has actually had a pretty cool career, with work in Xena, Twilight Zone, Trancers (all of them) and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. I’ve been taken with Xena recently and loved his character, so he makes this piece all the cooler for me




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