ACE 2014 – Asheville Comic Expo

I was quite pleased to attend ACE 2014 in Asheville NC. It’s a small show, not a single guest with a TV or movie appearance, but very very comic focused.

The most striking thing about the show is the venue. It’s held in the civic center, and it seems like it’s outgrown that venue already. I’ve been to concerts and shows in that building before though, so I kind of thought I knew what to expect. My three complaints.

1) Parking in downtown Asheville is an absolute bitch. Last year I got to the show at 10 AM, and had no problem parking in a nearby parking garage. this year I got downtown about 12 and the closest three parking garages and lots were full.  I’ve never ever had this happen to me at a show in Atlanta or Knoxville before, so I was without a doubt annoyed that I had to walk 15+ minutes through downtown Asheville to get to the venue.  Downtown Asheville has a lot going on and parking is without a doubt a problem for this show.

2) The venue is smaller than you realize. While I knew it wasn’t a huge venue, it’s probably one of the smaller con’s i’ve been too.

3) The dealers were mostly comic based, not a lot of toy sellers, or even Magic the Gathering sellers. I saw a lot more of both last year.


The Good:

The comic artists in particular were very friendly and talkative. I had no complaints about any guests and walked out happy.  Three artists in particular i’d like to mention.

1) Matthew Manning – This guy is an absolute blast to talk to and loves sharing his work.  He has a great comic history, and is a guy that really seems to thrive off of the interaction with fans

2)  Jeremy Dale – The guy signed a slew of comics for me and LOVED talking about G.I. Joe, as a Joe fan, this guy really made the show for me.

3) Ally Shwed <- While I didn’t get her autograph on anything, she’s an independent artist and my girlfriend absolute adores her work.  I’ve commissioned stuff from her in the past, and it’s always turned out wonderful. She’s fantastic to work with, and pretty talented.


Anyways, for the pickups!

Matthew Manning:


Nathan Edmondson:


Jeremy Dale:

jdale1 jdale2

jdale3 jdale4

jdale5 jdale6

Shawn Crystal – Really wish he would of had something but a ballpoint to sign with


Rebeckah Issacs



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