A Transformer Voice Actor and a Star Wars pickup!

Scatman Crothers is one of the few people to be great in both Horror and Animation. He had a huge role on the classic “The Shining” and was the voice of Hong Kong Phooey and Jazz on G1 Transformers.  He’s an accomplished musician and also stared in Bronco Billy and The Twilight Zone movie.  This is a huge huge addition to my collection and one i’m thrilled to make.


Colin Skeaping was the stunt double for Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars trilogy during ESB and ROJ .  He’s done stunts in more than 100 films including 28 Days Later,  Batman (1989), Superman 3, An American Werewolf in London and even a few bond films. This is another awesome addition to my collection, since it’s been far too long since i’ve made a Star Wars addition.



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