A Multisig Pickup!

Darkdel ran another signing for Delirium magazine and i figured i’d jump on it. Lisa Marie of Sleepy Hollow fame was scheduled for it, but canceled. After her cancellation I was much less excited about the project, but nonetheless it’s still a nice piece.

1 Jeffrey Combs is a heck of an actor with roles in many horror and sci-fi movies. I’ve added him to my collection already, but he’s by far the best name in this signing.
2  Staci Layne Wilson is a journalist/write and indie film director.
3 Chris Alexander is the editor of Fangoria Magazine
4  John Lechago – is the director of Killjoy 3 & 4
5  David DeCoteau has directed a boatload of movies for full-moon
6    Mick  Garris is the writer behind the iconic Halloween film: Hocus Pocus.
7   Axelle Carolyn is an actress  best known for her work on Centurion (2010), Doomsday (2008) and Soulmate (2013).
8  Nivek Ogre is best known for playing Pavi, in REPO! The genetic Opera. I passed on him at a convention ages ago. so it’s kind of cool to add him here.
Mindy Robinson is an upcoming Scream Queen with roles in over 100 movies. She got her start in LMFAO’s music video and quickly moved through background roles in movies like Ted, Iron Man 3, Pain and Gain as a pretty model in the background. V/H/S2 is her best work currently.



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