Long time since the last update!

It’s been a long time since I’ve made an entry here.  I’ve had an incredibly busy past month and made less pickups than ever. Needless to say, I’m happy to post a few pickups I’ve picked up since the last update.

Tim Howard was Team USA’s goalie during the World Cup and has had an Illustrious Career playing Soccer. Soccer isn’t really my kind of sport to collect, despite playing it growing up, but Howard’s run in the World Cup was so inspiring that I didn’t hesitate to pick up his signed Biography. Guys like him are what Sports is all about, and he’s a sweet addition to my collection.


Drew Barrymore is a longtime childhood and adulttime crush of mine. She’s been in a lot of great movies, and even more Not-So great ones. Scream, ET, Donnie Darko certainly lead the pack of her better films, and even Never Been Kissed. Barnes and Noble had a promotion Black Friday with many signed authors, and I was pumped to add her to my collection finally.


Jacoby Jones was a former part of the Texans, and although his career was widely disappointing, he still left his mark on the franchise.


Kolby Smith was a throw in with that Jacoby Jones, he didn’t do much, well anything, but he’s now in my collection.



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