The NFL HOF Class of 2015 & A Heisman Update

8 Men were inducted into the NFL HOF over the weekend. This brings the total of NFL Hall of Famers up to 295.  This is the biggest HOF class in recent memory and I was lucky to already have 4 of the rookies of the new class.   Those 4 men are:


Junior Seau  Charles Haley 


Tim Brown   Will Shields

I was super happy to see long time snubs Will Shields and Charles Haley make the Hall of Fame. Tim Brown was snubbed to a degree, and was deserving, but I’m not sure he was better than Orlando Pace, Warner, Brooks or Marvin Harrison. Seau was super deserving as well, and had such a tragic end to his life.

The other four men to make it in the Hall of Fame were:

Jerome Bettis: Also snubbed for awhile, his 1993 SP Rookie is shipped and en route to my collection

Mick Tingelhoff: Has a rookie in 1964 Philadelphia, It seems to be a bit uncommon, but will be a top priority to pick up.

Ron Wolf: Has a rookie in the 1992 packer police sets, and will also be a top priority

Bill Polian: Does not have a card to my knowledge, this may be a situation similar to Ralph Wilson, where his Goal Line HOF commemorative card, ends up being his rookie.

Also picked up Johnny Manziel’s rookie for my Heisman project. Dude is a punk and won’t amount to much more than likely, but he’s added to the collection



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