An Excellent actor and a Smallville Pickup

Terrence Howard is best known for playing Col. James Rhodes/War Machine in the original Iron Man. He wanted a bit too much and got replaced by Don Cheadle in future installments. He has a pretty illustrious career with movies like Crash, Mr. Holland’s Opus, Hart’s War, Ray, Hustle & Flow and Ray. He’s not done a lot recently though, mostly TV Work. Regardless, he makes a fantastic addition to the collection, as I love adding anyone who brought a Marvel movie to life.

John Schneider played “Bo Duke” in the Dukes of Hazard. He also played Johnathan Kent in Smallville, which I’ve been watching a lot of recently. He was by far, one of the actors who carried the show in the early seasons. He’s done a ton of other made-for-tv movies and smaller tv spots, but those are the only two reasons I picked him up for the collection.



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