Some Wrestling Pickups

 Ken Shamrock & Dan Severn were two of my favorite wrestlers in the Attitude era, and two guys who exemplified what MMA was all about to me. I already had both guys on separate items but the chance to get both UFC hall of famers together was too much to pass up. This item is instantly one of my favorite wrestling pickups.


“Super Star” Billy Graham and Ivan Putski were two of the best wrestlers the 70’s had to offer. Graham was a favorite of my dad’s, and both men are members of the WWE Hall of Fame. I love vintage wrestling, and both guys were welcome and needed additions to my collection.


The Godfather had the best gimmick in WWE History. Although Papa Shango was cool, The Godfather is one of the many reasons the attitude era was awesome. Everyone wanted to take a ride on the “Hoooooe Train”, He was a one time intercontinental champ in the good ole days, and a tag team champ later on in his career in the PG era.



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