An Epic sports mailday

Hank Aaron is one of the greatest Baseball players of all time. The true Home Run King, before steroid abusing Barry Bonds ripped it away in the record books. He’s the best Brave in team history and one of the top names ever to play the game or be in my collection. His career is unparalleled as a 25 time all star and I am beyond proud to add Hank Aaron to my collection.

Rhonda Rousey is one of the hottest names in sports right now and is the UFC Womens champion and undefeated resident badass. She’s good looking and can rip your arm off, so I naturally wanted to add her to my collection. She happened to have a signed edition of her biography, and I was lucky enough to preorder early to lock in my copy.

Tom Flores was a superbowl winning player for the Chiefs (as a backup QB) and went on to coach the Raiders after John Madden retired, and won a Superbowl with them. Flores was the first minority coach to win a Superbowl. He’s a pretty cool addition to the collection.

Katie Aselton and Paul Scheer from  The League both signed this 8×10. Katie is best known for her work on The League, and a few small appearences on shows like Revolution and has an upcoming role in the movie “The Gift” which looks cool. Paul is best known for The League, has a role in the upcoming show “Wet Hot American Summer” and has been in movies like Piranha 3D and Piranha 3DD. The League was a pretty funny show, and this is a neat pickup for the collection.



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