Fanboy Expo – The Autographs!

Paige O’Hara & Richard White provided the voice for Belle and Gaston in Beauty and The Beast.  It was a pleasure to meet both of them, and to get one sweet 8×10 signed by both actors. The Highlight of both careers respectively was Beauty and The Beast, and it’s very nice to add this to my collection.


Christopher Daniel Barnes was the voice of Spiderman in the 90’s cartoon series. He also voiced Prince Eric in the Little Mermaid. Christopher still voices Spiderman in the video games. He was a super nice guy and a pleasure to meet.


Michaelean Sisti & Nick Palma both brought Michelangelo to life on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies. Sisti had a long Broadway career and did work in Sesame Street and other Jim Henson Productions. Palma has also done work in Stargate and The Rundown as a stunts coordinator, both men were very energetic and absolute awesome to meet.  Palma actually had  the costume and was popping in and out of it for photo ops, which was very cool.


Eva Bella & Livvy Stubenrauch provided the voice for Young Elsa and Anna in Frozen. With Frozen being the most successful Disney movie in ages, i decided to add them to my collection because I love voice acting, and Disney ones can be hard to get. I hope they continue to have successful careers.


Christopher Judge was Teal’c in Stargate and voiced Magneto in X-Men Evolution, He was super friendly and was an awesome guy to meet. It was an honor to meet my favorite Stargate character.


Christy Carlson Romano voiced Kim Possible. She also was in Even Stevens and mirrors 2. She was a sweetheart and a pleasure to meet. I did have her on an 8×10 before, but i couldn’t resist meeting her and getting her to sign one more photo.


Felissa Rose played Angela in the cult classic: Sleepaway Camp. It’s one of the best twist endings in Horror History and certainly shocked me. Felissa was hands down the nicest lady I’ve ever met at a convention and was an absolute pleasure to meet.  She’s a beyond worthy addition to my horror collection.




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