NFL HOF, Heisman Winners, Braves and MLB’s first Dominican

George Blanda is a legendary NFL Hall of Famer who played for a very, very long time at Kicker and QB. He’s been a guy who has eluded me for a few years, and I’m happy to be making HOF pickups again for my HOF project. Blanda takes me down to needing only 52 HOF Members left, I’d love to pick up one a week and finish it, but a guy like Namath would be my yearly collecting budget, so progress is slow, but super rewarding.


Tom Harmon won the Heisman Trophy in 1940, The card has seen better days, but i got it for an absolute steal and I’m pumped to add this guy to my collection. He takes me down to 9, 9 guys left!


Niles Kinnick won the Heisman in 1939, this pickup means two significant things…8 Heisman Winners left, and all of the winners who had a rookie in the iconic 1955 All American set (9 total) have been acquired.


Julio Franco was a fan favorite for the Braves who manned first from 2000 to 2005. He never was an All Star, but he was consistent production for half a decade. He’s a minor footnote in the braves project, but an important one nonetheless.


Juan Pizarro was a part of the 57 Championship Braves, he went on to be a 2 time All Star with the White Sox. I’m always happy to add a vintage Brave to my collection, and this guy is most welcome.


Ossie Virgil was the first guy from the Dominican to play in MLB. I thought that was a cool feat, so I picked up his rookie card, he played for 9 years for 5 teams, never really catching on anywhere as a career journeyman, Still a cool add though!



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