Dr. Who, A Rap Icon and a Former Texan

Arthur Darvill is best known for playing Rory in Doctor Who. He was one of the better characters in the series. He’s not done anything asides Doctor Who that I’ve seen, but I’m super stoked to add him to my collection, since I already have his partner in crime, the beloved Amy Pond.


Biz Markie is best known for “Just a Friend” – The last great rap song without Auto-tune. It’s an iconic song, and I’m thrilled to add Biz to my collection.


Matt Schaub was the QB for the Texans..and once held my hopes and dreams for the Franchise. He played well for us..but ultimately washed out of the league and as a result, I was able to pick this up for a buck. I was outbid on this silly thing for $50+, $20+, $10 so many times over his career, and it amuses me to add him to my collection.



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