Huge update for the new year

It’s been awhile since the last update, but i’ve tried to keep busy!

Anthony Mackie plays Marvel’s The Falcon on Captain America and Age of Ultron. He’s also been in The Hurt Locker, Pain and Gain, Ant-Man, 8-Mile, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and several more films. Super stoked to add a tougher name to my collection, and especially one of Marvel’s posterboys.


Marnix Van Den Broeke is best known for portraying The Silent on Dr. Who, It’s a pretty cool and iconic villian, and I was stoked to add a new Dr. Who signature to my collection. Marnix hasn’t really done much else of note.


Mike Grell is the Iconic Artist behind The Green Arrow, who really made the character his own. I enjoy the character, so I’m super stoked to add this sweet signed book to the collection.


Mick Tingelhoff was a recent admission to the NFL Hall of Fame. Like most senior candidates…his rookie went from being a few bucks to over $25+ overnight. It took me a year, but I snagged me a Tingelhoff for the collection, putting me closer and closer to my goal. 51 to go!


Robert Axelrod voiced the villanous Lord Zed on Mighty Morphing Power Rangers. A key villan of my childhood, bringing this one home was too cool to pass up. He’s a fairly accomplished voice actor, with roles on Digimon, Spiderman(94 series), Transformers: Robots In Disguise and also Finster on Power Rangers.


Billy Dee Williams is a name I’ve added before, but when I had the chance to get a small poster signed by Billy Dee, I couldn’t resist for the price. It’s kind of a silly and fun piece.



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