The 2016 NFL Hall of Fame

The NFL Hall of Fame added 8 new members this weekend.

Brett Favre – got in on his first try, I can’t really say I was shocked by this as everyone knew he was First Ballot when he retired.


Kevin Greene –  160 career sacks, good for third on the all-time list and had been a finalist for years. He deserved to be enshrined about as much as anyone in this class


Tony Dungy – was a big part of the 2000’s Buccaneers surge as a power team (Joining Sapp and Brooks in the Hall  and coached Peyton Manning to greatness for many years. I figured he’d wait longer.


Marvin Harrison – was a multiple time finalist and had a prolific career, it seems with his election – the WR Logjam is over. I figured like Cris Carter and Tim Brown, his wait would be much much longer.


Orlando Pace – Was one of the big men from the 2000’s and late 90’s that truly dominated. Pace was a hell of a player and deserved to be in.


Ken Stabler – Should of been in the Hall of Fame years ago. Once again the HOF dragged it’s ass to add a guy who should of made it in, but died and made it after being dead. Stabler was nothing short of Legendary in the 70’s and I’m thrilled to see him finally end in the Hall of Fame.


Dick Stanfel – was a guy I know a lot of HOF enthusists lobbied for a long time, so it’s cool to see him make it in.


Eddie DeBartolo Jr – is the one guy on this list who doesn’t have a rookie card. I look forward to finding something to add for him for my HOF Collection.


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