A huge update with music, G.I. Joe, Horror Grail’s and more!

It’s been over 2 months since I’ve updated, but I’ve tried to make up for it, with great quality pickups!


Arthur Burghardt is a name I have, but after nine years, I’m thrilled to finally have a personalized Arthur Burghardt signature.  About nine years ago, I wrote the guy a letter, and in a few months, got a rude and demeaning response from his secretary, he would “never sign again, as he would never need a collectors money!” Another collector had to sell some items due to hard times, and I snapped up his Burghardts. Then he finally made his first convention appearance, where I added him to my collection, for the same price I offered him nearly a decade ago…Guess he needed the money.



Kirsten Baker is another one who got away.  She’s not known for much, mostly low budget pulp films, and Friday the 13th Part 2. She had one of the most iconic scenes of the series – her infamous Skinny Dip and Jason kill. I tried to locate her for years, missed her at Blood on the Beach in 2013, and finally she resurfaced at Chiller this year… She’s a welcome addition to the horror collection.


MeatLoaf is one of the All time greats. From “Bat Out of Hell”, to “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” – Meatloaf has always had a home in my playlists, and I gotta commend him on his work in movies like Fight Club. When I saw he had a signed Vinyl for his new album? I jumped on it. Instant favorite of my collection!


Pete Yorn is a very talented artist, and his music hits a nice mellow spot that I enjoy. I had a chance to get the signed edition of Arranging Time, and I was thrilled to add it to my collection.



Weezer has been a long favorite band of mine – from growing up to present. Alt Press did a signing with them, and although it sold out the first time, they held some back for a Halloween sale. I am thrilled to finally add the signatures of Rivers Cuomo, Brian Bell, Patrick Wilson and Scott Shriner to the collection!


Jimmy Eat World is very similar to Weezer for me, they blew up my youth with awesome records, and continue to make good music to this day. Integrity Blues is more mellow and less peppy, but it’s nice to finally add Jim Adkins,  Tom Linton,  Zach Lind &  Rick Burch to the collection!


Wade Hayes played a benefit nearby, and he had some good song’s growing up. The man is an inspiration (Stage 4 Prostate Cancer survivor) and it was for a great cause, so I was pumped to have him sign a ticket and meet the guy. He put on a pretty good show too!


Marcus Smart is a point guard for the Celtics, I had the urge to rip some basketball, and this was the pull of note. not too bad!



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