Dansby Swanson and Freddie Freeman recently did a signing down in Marietta Georgia, and I was able to attend. I love the Braves, and was excited to get Freeman and Dansby both on an 11×14 as a dual shot. I’m hoping these guys have long illustrious careers for the Braves.


Neve Campbell is best known for her iconic performance in Scream, The Craft and Wild Things. She was a 90’s sex symbol to me, and I’ve wanted to add her to my collection for a long, long time.  I was thrilled to see she signed for Leaf and knew that would be a great opportunity to add her to my collection.


James Franco has a had a lot of roles in a lot of movies i’ve enjoyed.  His role in Spiderman was certainly notable, but he’s struck gold in The Interview, This is The End, Spring Breakers, Pineapple Express and 127 Hours. Oz The Great and Powerful was also good too. Franco was a great pickup for the collection.


Heart is a great band where Ann and Nancy Wilson kick a lot of ass. I saw they had a signed CD Pre-order, and jumped on it, as who doesn’t love Barracuda! Thrilled to add these two rocking ladies to the collection.


Jose Cruz is a former 2x All Star and 2x Silver Slugger for the Astros. He’s also one of the few guys to have a jersey retired by the Astros. I felt the urge to bust some packs, and Cruz was my “reward’ – which isn’t that bad!



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