Ending January with some great pickups!

David Boreanaz has been a HUGE hole and big want in my collection for a long time. He was vital to both “Buffy” & “Angel” as Angel and He was the last major name I needed for “Bones” as Seeley Booth. This guy has literally been on 3 shows in 20 years, with no breaks on the train in between, so his body of work isn’t huge, but as a Guy who hasn’t missed an episode of either show – This is one of my favorite pickups of 2017 in a month filled with amazing pickups.


Tim Allen & Richard Karn pretty much formed the comedy Duo of the 90’s on Home Improvement doing “Tool Time”. While Richard Karn hasn’t done much else (Family Feud), Tim Allen is an absolute legend with a bevy of 90’s movies that invoke a strong case of Nostalgia in me (The Santa Claus series, Toy Story & Galaxy Quest). This is another fantastic way to close out the month, as this is a shot i’ve wanted for a very long time.


Miranda Otto is another longtime want of mine, as she absolutely killed it in Lord of the Rings as Eowyn.  Her career has been pretty successful with recent work in Homeland & going as far back as What Lies Beneath


Jenna Elfman is best known for Dharma and Greg, another 90’s sitcom I adored growing up. It was a perfect role for her, and she made it very memorable. Asides Dharma and Greg, her career has been a bit sparse (Looney Tunes Movie and EDtv), but It’s a nice throwback to add to the collection


Lisa Hammer voiced Triana Orpheus on Ventura Brothers. I enjoyed that show, and Triana was a memorable character, so I picked it up. She’s done a lot of indie German music and Films, which is cool, but I know nothing about them.



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