The MLB Hall of Fame Class of 2017 (and some NFL pickups)

The MLB Hall of Fame added 3 new members recently, and I’m glad to see them inducted.

Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez was always in my mind the “best” catcher of the 90’s. While Piazza was shrouded in “steroid” doubts, Pudge was a better defender, and a just as good hitter. He was so deserving in my mind, and I’m glad to see him inducted.


Jeff Bagwell should of made it in already, as he was a clean hitter, on a horrible team, overshadowed by unclean hitters, on winning teams. Looking back through the years, I can safely say I am glad to see Bagwell in the Hall of Fame, and think he represents the best of the sport for the 90’s


Tim Raines is a guy in the 90’s I laughed at when people said belonged in the Hall and responded with “Yeah, The Hall of Mediocrity”. Tim Raines was an unjuiced hitter, who played damn well, on a team that was so bad, they probably didn’t deserve to be in the Majors. He was overshadowed as well, by players who cheated with P.E.D’s.  This is the kind of guy, I want to represent his era.


Terrell Owens is an NFL Hall of Fame Finalist, and I think he’s a strong candidate for the Hall.  5x All Pro, 3x TD Leader, All Decade Team, 1000+ Receptions for 15,000+ Yards and 150+ TD’s. Entertaining to watch as well. His career had a lot of headaches on all of his teams though, so that might keep him out for awhile.


Ty Law is also an NFL Hall of Fame Finalist, and i’m not sure he makes it in.  He’s a 2x All Pro, who helped anchor the Patriots for 3 Superbowl wins. He also was on the All Decade team, lead the league in interceptions twice. His last 4 years were very lackluster, and the Patriots legacy is always a bit controversial.



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