Hall of Fame Rookies and some Voice Actors!

Kenny Easley was elected to the NFL Hall of Fame by the Senior Committee. A 4 time All Pro, and 5 time Pro Bowler, Easley was a member of the 80’s all decade team. A big leader in the NFL Strike and a fairly short career (7 years) he is an interesting member of the Hall of Fame.


Jerry Jones is the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, and another recent elected member to the Hall of Fame. I don’t really feel he deserves to be in the Hall of Fame this fast, but nevertheless, he is a member.


Ladainian Tomlinson was also elected to the Hall of Fame in 2017, on his first ballot. Tomlinson represents a fun little crisis for my Hall of Fame collection, as we are now into the era of serial number rookies, and guys with 40+ rookie cards. In the spirit of keeping it uniform, I’ve decided 1) No Autograph rookies (This eliminates Contenders) and no Parallels (this eliminates Topps and Bowman chrome, as all rookies were refactors). So I bought his SP Game used for the collection, as it’s a base rookie numbered to 500 copies. I then decided I wouldn’t do game used rookies, so I picked up his Bowman’s Best rookie too


Zach Hoffman voiced Zartan in G.I. Joe. While I’ve got him on a few 8x10s, I couldn’t pass up the chance to add him on a beautiful 12×18.


Garry Chalk is a voice actor probably best known for taking over the role of Optimus Prime from Peter Cullen in the 90’s. He also had a pretty fun role on Stargate. He also took over the role of He-Man from John Erwin in the New Adventures of He-Man. Most Importantly (to me) he voiced Pathfinder and Metalhead in DIC’s run of G.I. Joe. While DIC’s run of G.I. Joe wasn’t amazing, Pathfinder and Metalhead were two of the brighter spots.



Larry Parmiter is the director of “The Axeman of Henderson County” Staring Hacksaw Jim Duggan.  All I can say about this one is – Sometimes when collecting, weird stuff comes your way and you get it.




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