Some quality actors and actresses and some music pickups!

Jamie Foxx has been in a ton of good stuff. While Ray is his most “Prominent” work, he’s known for his work in Django, Spiderman 2, Law Abiding Citizens, Jarhead, The Kingdom and so much more. Foxx is a HUGE pickup for my collection and I’m thrilled to add him to my collection.


Peter Dinklage has had an amazing selection roles. From his work on X-Men Days of Future Past and Game of Thrones, to his work on Narnia, Dinklage has became a prolific actor who has been on my wantlist for awhile. I’m thrilled to finally add him.


Danielle Panabaker is best known for playing Kaitlyn Snow & Killer Frost on The Flash. I’ve really dug the Flash, and think it’s the best superhero TV show in a long time. She has a pretty good filmography for horror as well, including The Ward, The Crazies, Piranha 3DD and the Friday the 13th Remake as well. She’s a great addition to the collection.


Mary McDonald Lewis voiced Lady Jaye in G.I. Joe and voiced Lois Lane on Superfriends. I can’t resist adding multiples of G.I. Joe Alumni to my collection.


Black Veil Brides is kind of like an emo Motley Crew, but hey, Andy Biersack is a pretty talented dude, and I’m always thrilled to add a nice multisig to my collection.


Chris Cerulli of Motionless in White signed this 8×24 Poster, Motionless in White is kind of Emo Metal, and I couldn’t resist a cheap and easy pickup.


Jenna McDougall of Tonight Alive signed this 8×24 Poster, Tonight Alive is a decent enough Rock Band, and I can never pass a good pickup for the right price!


Telle “Tyler” Smith of The Word Alive signed this 8×24 Poster. They are a funky Metalcore Band, and he, came with The other two above.





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