Lots of new pickups! Music, Buffy, Baseball, Football and more!

Mike Love is the Co-Founder and Singer for the Beach Boys. He recently played a nearby show, and I was lucky enough to get him to barely sign my ticket after. He also signed one for my girlfriend as well.


Bruce Johnston is a singer and songwriter, and also original member of the Beach Boys. He also is the only member of the Band to of won a Grammy. Bruce signed a Ticket (well, he initialed it) and that one went to my girlfriend, but he also signed this sweet hat as well.


Sarah Michelle Gellar played Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and has been a HUGE want in my collection for a very long time. She recently wrote a cook-book, and Barnes and Noble just happened to have a signed version. She was a big deal in the early 2000’s and Late 90’s due to Buffy, Cruel Intentions, I know what you did last summer, Scream, Southland Tales and the Scooby-Doo remake. I’m beyond stoked to add her to my collection.


Chipper Jones spent 19 years with the Atlanta Braves and put up a Hall of Fame caliber career as an 8x All Star, 2x Silver Slugger and World Series Champion. He also recently released a book called “BallPlayer”, and I was thrilled to nab a signed edition of one of the most important Braves in team history.


Luke Kuechly is a 4x Pro Bowler, A former Defensive Player of the Year and Defensive Rookie of the Year and the anchor of the Carolina Panthers defense. He did a signing locally, and I couldn’t pass up adding this guy to my collection.


Heather Mitts is a three time Olympic gold medalist and one of the all time great women’s soccer defenders. She’s a great addition to the collection.


Jonas Valanciuanas is european basketball royalty, and currently balling it up for the Raptors. This came from busting some packs, So I was thrilled to add a nice looking card to the collection.


David Lee & Channing Frye were also the result of busting some packs. Both guys were great hits and welcome additions to the collection.

davidleejsy cfryejsy


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