Dan Aykroyd & Jim Belushi are the current “Blues Brothers”.  Jim I’ve got his autograph before, but he’s known for According to Jim, and currently fills in for his deceased brother James whenever the Blues Brother’s do a show. Dan Aykroyd is a legend though, known for his impressive run on Saturday Night Live, Blues Brothers, Ghostbusters, Spies like us and of course, Coneheads.

Wilford Brimley is a prolific actor, best known for his work against Diabetes, and making Oatmeal sound appealing. He also happened to star in a bevy of films like Cocoon, The Natural, The Thing,  Ewoks and The Firm. Brimley is a pickup I’ve wanted to make for a long time, and I’m super pumped to of finally got him.

J.J. Abrams is a writer and director that’s done a lot of good stuff. He’s responsible for Lost, Fringe, Felicity and Alias, not to mention Super 8, The Star Trek Reboots, Mission Impossible 3 and The Force Awakens. He is a super addition to my collection and one I am thrilled to add.

Eric Millegan is best known for playing Zack on Bones. He was one of the more unique characters on the show, and is a great addition to my Bones collection.

Bartolo Colon is an MLB Legend. This guy has pitched from 97 to 2017, and is the oldest player in the majors in 2017, and the oldest to hit his first home run at 42. Colon is a 4 time All Star, and a Cy Young award winner. He’s gotten bigger over the years, and still plays at a high level. He is proof. anyone can do anything.  This year he signed for the Braves, which I couldn’t of been more happy to see. Pumped to add this Colon to my collection.

Whitney Cummings is a comedian, best known for her show Whitney, she also writes “2 Broke Girls”. I’ve always thought she was pretty funny, so I’m happy to add her to the collection.

Cas Anvar brought to life Altaïr on Assassins Creed. He was in an episode of Lost, and is currently in the Strain. I had him already, but not on an Assassins Creed shot, which I was happy to pickup.

Darrell Griffith has one of the coolest Nicknames of all time – Dr. Dunkenstein! His number is retired by the Jazz, and was the NBA rookie of the year, and put up 12,000+ points with the Jazz over a 10 year period.  He’s a great addition to the collection.

Mark Jackson also scored 12,000+ Points in his long NBA Career, he was a Rookie of the Year in 1988, and an All Star in 1989. He had a long 17 year career, and is a great addition to my Basketball collection.


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