Music, Football and Star Wars

Alice Cooper is a legendary rocker, and an ICON of harder rock. I had the chance to see him recently, but was disappointed the only thing he had signed at his merch table was a DVD for $50. I went hunting, found something that was infinitely cooler and was happy to add it to my collection!

John Mellencamp¬†is a grammy winning songwriter that does an excellent job. I saw a signed preorder for his newest CD was going on, and hopped in on it. I’m always looking to add new musicians to my collection, and John is a worthy addition.

Nita Strauss is Alice Coopers current tour guitarist, and formerly of the Iron Maidens (The All Girl tribute band) She can freaking shred the guitar like nobodies business so I was pretty excited to see she had photos for sale on her website for a great price.

Richard Oldfield played Derek “Hobbie” Klivian in The Empire Strikes Back. I’ve not made a Star Wars pickup in ages, and Oldfield is a guy who has been missing from my collection for awhile. Stoked to finally go back to one of my first loves and make some additions.

Al Lampert played Commander Jir in Star Wars: A New Hope. He’s another name I’ve been needing, and I’ve sadly heard he’s in poor health. I didn’t want to miss out on another actor from my beloved films, so I made sure to pick him up.

Will Schusterick is a 3 time Disc Golf World Champion, and a guy with a pretty sweet throwing motion. I was lucky enough to catch him in person, and got him to sign a pretty awesome looking black disc with a silver sharpie. He was SUPER nice.

Joe Mathis went undrafted in the NFL Draft. Here’s hoping he finds a team.

Devine Redding also went undrafted in the NFL Draft, but found a spot on the Chiefs.


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