Fanboy Expo 2017!

Michael Bell, Arthur Burghardt and Morgan Lofting all signed a metal plaque I had made for G.I. Joe. B.J. Ward had to cancel due to a family emergency. I was pleased to of finally gotten to meet 3 of my favorite actors in person. And thought this piece turned out great!

Alan Oppenheimer, Melendy Britt, Tom Cook and Phil Ortiz all signed my “He-Man and She-Ra: A Complete Guide to the Classic Animated Adventures” Hardback book. Tom Cook and Phil Ortiz brought to life the animation on the show. Melendy Britt voiced the amazing She-Ra, and Alan Oppeneimer brought to life Skeletor, Mer-Man, Cringer and Man At Arms. With Lou Scheimer and Linda Gary both sadly leaving us already, I think my only chance for additional signatures on this would be John Erwin, who signed for me once through the mail ages ago, and hasn’t done a convention yet. Shipping this mammoth book would be a major risk and super expensive, so I’ll call this project done!

Sting was one of my childhood favorites in WCW. Although I never got to see him fight Undertaker, Sting was an Icon that made WCW cool and really helped put them on the map. Meeting him was a complete pleasure, and I’m proud to finally have sting in my collection.

Amy Jo Johnson was nearly everyone’s Childhood crush, I know she was mine. Although she went on to do many things in life like Flashpoint, Susie Q and Felicity, She’s always and will forever be known as The Pink Ranger for me. I’m stoked to finally add her to my collection, and think this one turned out great!

Jonathan Ke Quan is known for two roles – The Goonies and Indiana Jones Temple of Doom. Although his acting career was brief, Short Round and Data were two memorable characters, and I’m stoked to add him to my collection!

Margaret Kerry is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met at a convention. She’s an absolute sweetheart, and a living Disney princess as far as I’m concerned. She’s responsible for bringing Tinkerbell to life, and is an amazing addition to my collection.

 George Lowe is the voice of the one, and only Space Ghost. He was quite a character, and I loved the inscription he went to town with. He’s an awesome addition to my voice acting collection, and a perfect cap to end my show!

Larry Hama is the brains behind the G.I. Joe comic, and I was thrilled to get him on two of my favorite G.I. Joe Books!


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