Legendary Actors & Banjo Players, Comics, Ewoks and Music!

Tim Curry is a prolific actor, and they say you can tell a lot about someone by asking them which Curry Film is there favorite. I had a chance to get him, and I took it. It’s not often you see a nice shot of Curry from Rocky Horror out of makeup, so I thought this one was worth the addition to the collection.

Béla Fleck & Abigail Washburn played a show nearby, and I was lucky enough to catch it. They were super good, and super classy. I was able to snag both of them on 2 cd’s and a vinyl. This gives me there entire discography signed, and I can’t complain about that. Echo in The Valley is not out yet, but was on sale at the merch table. Bela has won 14 Grammys and been nominated for tons more. Great addition to the collection

Ron Frenz was the main guys on Spider Man in the 80’s and I had a chance to get a business card from him from that era. credited with co-creating spider girl and the new warriors, Ron Frenz was a great addition to the collection.

Jane Busby played the best ewok of all Chief Chirpa. She did a rare signing in the U.K. with Imperial Signings, and I leapt on the opportunity as it could very well be my last. Thrilled to add the leader of the Ewoks to my collection

Imagine Dragons had a preorder back on their website for a signed lithograph back back in June.  5 Months later, it finally shipped. It’s a MASSIVE litho, over 2 feet long on both sides. It’s a shame they put 0 effort into signing it, but hey, it’s still pretty cool.


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