Transformers, A Hall of Famer and more!

I was super stoked to get this Golden Ticket piece from Botcon 2014 signed by 9 transformers greats…From Left to Right it’s signed by:  Hal Rayle – The voice of Pipes, Snarl, and Shrapnel.  Michael McConnohie – The voice of Hot Shot, Tracks, Cosmo. Morgan Lofting – The voice of Moonracer.  Susan Blu – The voice of Arcee, Flareup, and Trans-Mutate. Jack Angel – The voice of Ramjet, Smokescreen, Omega Supreme, Astrotrain, Ultra Magnus, Cyclonus. Samantha Newark – The voice of Ariel. David Kaye – The voice of Megatron and Optimus Prime in the newer series . Derrick J. Wyatt – One of the animators on Transformers: Animated

Robert Brazille was a  fierce linebacker for the Titans, and earned the Nickname “Dr. Doom”. He’s a fierce Linebacker who was a 7x Pro Bowler, 5x All Pro, Rookie of the Year and All 70’s team. He should of gotten in before being a senior candidate, but i’m glad to see him get in! I’ve been slacking on this project, and I now have 54 members left to track down after the Class of 18.

Olin Kreutz was one of the two reasons I tracked down a box of 2002 Upper Deck XL Football. The Main reason was Alan Faneca – who eluded me , but Kruetz was a nice consolation prize. a 6x Pro Bowler, 2x All Pro, all Decades team member for the 2000’s – I figure eventually Kreutz will have a chance to get inducated into the Hall of Fame. Maybe.

Ladanian Tomlinson was the other hit of note from my 2002 UD XL Box. If you’re going to hit a jersey, it may as well be a Hall of Famer.

Tony Lippett was a hit I pulled out of a retail box ages ago that I was too lazy to scan, I scanned in a ton of weaker hits, and Lippett happens to be a starter now with a decent 2017 campaign under his belt.


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