Shameless, Texans, Music Stars and Horror Ladies

Emmy Rossum is best known for playing Fiona Gallagher on Shameless. I’ve been watching a lot of Shameless recently, and couldn’t resist adding Emmy to my collection.  She’s actually been in more than I realized – like Beautiful Creatures, Phantom of the Opera and Day after Tomorrow.

David Anderson, Aaron Colvin and Vince Wilfork are all Texans for my Texans Project. Anderson had a small career as the third wideout for awhile, Colvin just signed a contract to start in our secondary and Wilfork was a loveable fan favorite for a few years.

I love it when Darkdel has a signing for Delirium and the first few signers are announced. Caroline Williams and Felissa Rose were the first ones announced, and that’s all it took me to make the order. Sadly only 3 more signers were announced, way less than prior signings, but Jacqueline Lovell was a nice addition to that lineup.

Caroline Williams best known for her role in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 and Halloween 2 (the remake), Ama Lea is a horror director known for some recent shorts, Jeff Kwitny is best known for writing Beyond The Door 3, Iced and Illegal Alien and oddly enough, writing some Street Sharks episodes. Felissa Rose is best known for her work in Sleepaway camp  and a ton of B-Movies. & Jacqueline Lovell is known for her roles in adult films.

Travis Tritt recently played nearby with The Marshall Tucker Band & Charlie Daniels. They all put on a fantastic show, and I was pleased to see Travis Tritt had signed photos at his table for a pretty good price.

Lana Del Rey had a signed preorder on her site….7+ months ago for her new album, Lust for Life. The returns are a bit controversial, some people seem to think they were ghost signed, some do not. Regardless, after 7 months I got mine.


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