An American Legend, A great band, and two more Texans

Paul Harvey is an iconic American Broadcaster best known for telling “The Rest..of the Story”. He’s a member of the Radio Hall of Fame, and as someone who grew up in the south, a voice you couldn’t escape. While he may not fit my collection, or be a major pickup in terms of “name” power. Paul Harvey is without a doubt one of my favorite pickups of 2018.

Third Eye Blind is one of those great 90’s bands I grew up with. I had the chance to see them in Concert a few years back, and although I didn’t get anything signed, they had been on my list of bands to acquire.  This one is signed by founding members Brad Hargreaves, Kevin Cadogan, Stephan Jenkins & Arion Salazar.

David Carr was the first ever Draft Selection for the Texans. His carer wasn’t great, nor awful, as the man got sacked every other play. I’ve been after Carr’s SPA rookie for years, it just doesn’t pop up. I finally decided his equally limited Contenders rookie would fit the bill for my Texans rookie collection.
Jabar Gaffney was the second ever Draft selection for the Texans. His career was the definition of mediocrity, but he was a key part of the Texans Franchise early on. Much like David Carr, I held out for his 2002 SPA rookie forever, but those things never come up for auction. His Contender Rookie is equally as limited and a great fit for my collection.

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