A Starlet, Shameless, Horror, Braves, Star Wars & More!

Dakota Fanning has had a fantastic career. Early on she was in War of the Worlds & Man on Fire, and she’s went on to be in great movies like Coraline, Push, and even horrible movies like Twilight. I think she has a very bright future ahead of her and I’ve wanted to add her to my collection for a long, long time, and am pumped to finally do so
Sean Crawford is best known for playing Yak Face in Star Wars return of the Jedi. I can’t resist a good star wars pickup, especially on an Item that’s Black & White with Silver.  Somehow I hadn’t picked up Crawford yet, so he was a No Brainer pickup.
Emma Kenney is best known for playing the annoying Deb on Shameless, and she just took a role on the reboot of Rosanne. I recently picked up Emmy Rossum, so I guess I’ll be picking up more Shameless actors as I can!
Eric Freeman is the man behind one of the “best-worst” sequels ever – Ricky in Silent Night Deadly Night 2. These movies are absolutely horror gold, and Eric is a great addition to my collection!
Ben Rappaport got his breakout role on the greatest comedy to get canned – Outsourced. I loved this show, still love this show, and am super happy to pick up Ben for my collection.  He went on to a brief role in The Good Wife, For The People and Mr. Robot, but I keep hoping he’ll land somewhere. He’s too talented to not do too much more!
Ozzie Albies is the current second baseman for the Braves, and boy, he is flat out mashing the Ball. I wanted to pick up a signed Ozzie rookie as fast as I could before they skyrocket, as I think this guy is going to be the face of the Braves in the next few years. Super stoked to add Ozzie to my collection.

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