A Huge update with Heisman Winners, Great Musicians, Hotties, WWE and More!

Bruce Smith won the Heisman in 1941 and is the oldest Heisman winner I still needed for my Heisman collection. That leaves me with essentially 5 Heisman rookies remaining, since Baker Mayfield and Lamar Jackson will both get rookies later in the year thanks to the NFL Draft. 

Elisha Cuthbert & Paris Hilton were both sultry sex symbols of the mid 2000’s. Cuthbert had her career explode with hits like The Girl Next Door, and the underrated House of Wax before going on to a big role in “24”.  Hilton was also in House of Wax, and was probably best known for her infamous tape “One Night In Paris” – House of Wax was a guilty pleasure of mine, so I picked this one up.

Japandroids are a two man grunge band fronted by Brian King & David Prowse. I saw these guys live at Shaky Knees 2018, and fell in love with there great grungy set. I think this group has a bright future, and I couldn’t pass up on getting these guys in my collection as I enjoyed the music they made as they were one of the cooler bands I discovered at Shaky.

Vance Joy was also at Shaky Knees, and had a killer set. I missed it due to standing as close to the  stage for Tenacious D as possible.

Kane is a WWE Icon and legend of the WWE. I remember watching the Big Red Machine tear up the squared circle during my childhood, and his feuds were legendary. I’ve been wanting Kane for a long time and I’m thrilled to add him to my collection

Nate Washington played Wide Receiver for the Texans for a brief time in 2015, Although he didn’t make an amazing career in Houston, He was kind of a key player for that season, and is a welcome addition to my Texans project.

Mark Boone Junior played Bobby on Sons of Anarchy. I really enjoyed his character on the show, and he was one of my favorites. While the series had it’s highs and lows, Mark Boone Juniors character was certainly one of the better spots. While he hasn’t done much else worth mentioning, He’s a cool pickup.

Rizwan Manji played Rajiv on Outsourced. I loved this goofy show, and Rizwan was the closest thing to the villain on it. He was a fantastic character, and I am thrilled to finally add Manji to my Outsourced collection.

Parvesh Cheena played Gupta on outsourced. He was one of the last few characters I needed, and I’m thrilled to add him to my collection. It’s a shame this show didn’t get more airtime, but you gotta collect what you love!



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