Some great music pickups and some great actors!

Andrew W.K. put on one of the best set’s at Shaky Knees 2018. It was 50 minutes of pure awesome, and a borderline religious experience. You are not alone is an inspiring and amazing album and I was super super excited to pick up a copy for the collection, because despite his success, he still sells signed merch online!

Poets of the Fall is a great band that I’ve followed for over a decade. They have six members consisting of: Markus Kaarlonen (Keyboard), Marko Saaresto (Vocals), Olli Tukiainen (Guitar), Jani Snellman, Jaska Makinen and Jari Salminen They have never done a US Tour, and hopefully they will someday. Carnival of Rust and Revolution Roulette are two albums I’ve listened to repeatedly, so when I saw the band had a signed vinyl of Clearview in thier Store for 20% off? I jumped at the chance. I would of eagerly of paid full price for it.

Will Arnett is best known for playing Gob on arrested development and voicing both Lego Batman and Bojack Horseman. He’s a fantastic actor, and one that i’ve enjoyed in so many roles. I am thrilled to add him to my collection.

Diane Pershing is best known for voicing Poison Ivy in the Batman Animated Series. She voiced a few minor characters on She-Ra like Netossa and Spinarella, but her role as Poison Ivy is legendary. I am always excited to add a fantastic voice actor to my collection.

Courtney Barnett has a pretty rocking Blues sound. I saw her at Shaky Knees music festival and really enjoyed her set, coupled with the fact that she was the 150th unique music artist i’ve seen live – and I had to preorder her new album that had a signed insert.

Jonathan Davis is the lead singer of Korn and certainly a rock staple of the 90’s and 00’s. I’ve always liked Korn, and wanted his signature my collection for awhile. I jumped at the chance to add him to my collection, so I ordered his solo album since it had a signed preorder. I knew his signature was pretty crappy going in (Basically it’s HIV with a smiley face), but could the guy of not signed with a silver pen or something? Black on Black looks horrible, and the photo below only turned out due to flash, as it scanned poorly. At least I added him to my collection, which counts for something, I guess.



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