Fanboy Expo 2018!

Ron Perlman was one of the “headliners” at Fanboy Expo and had one of the longest lines in Fanboy Expo History. He was a fantastic guest though, and I am thrilled I was able to add a nice personalized Perlman to my collection, as I love the Hellboy Films and franchise. Perlman was a big reason I made the trip, and he didn’t let me down.

Selma Blair played Liz Sherman in Hellboy, and also had an equally brutal line as Perlman, I partly think it was due to her being 3 hours late to the show, but I’m super stoked to add her to my collection on a gorgeous 8×10. She’s done other stuff like The Sweetest Thing and Cruel Intentions, but she’ll always be Liz from Hellboy to me!

Neil Ross brought to life the Iconic Shipwreck & Dusty from G.I. Joe. I absolutely adore G.I. Joe and getting this scene from the movie intro? Absolutely was amazing to add to my collection. Although Ross is a signature I’ve had, and actually my first voice acting signature many, many years ago – It’s a pleasure to get such an amazing shot signed.

Steve Whitmire has been part of the Muppets Franchise since 1978, but assumed the role of Kermit the Frog and Ernie in 1990 after Jim Hensons death. He’s a voice acting Legend, and one I am super thrilled to have in my collection! Whitmire was one of the nicest celebrities I’ve met at a convention, and an absolute class act.

David Yost played Billy the blue Ranger on Power Rangers.  This show was one of my favorites growing up, and Billy is the third Ranger i’ve been able to add to my collection. Super nice guy in person, and one I’m thrilled to add to my collection!

Judith Hoag played April O’Neil in the 1990 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. She’s not done too much else – Halloween Town with Disney, but her role in TMNT was iconic. Ms Hoag was an absolute sweetheart and a pleasure to meet, and is a great addition to the collection.

Arn Anderson is a WWE Hall of Famer and member of the iconic 4 Horseman Stable. Arn was an absolute pleasure to meet, and was a super cool addition to the collection. I love the opertunity to add a WWE Legend to my collection, and Fanboy always has some good ones.

Timothy Zahn is a Star Wars and SCI-FI Legend. You really don’t see a lot of authors at conventions, but I was pumped to see a guy like Zahn at the convention. Zahn wrote some of the best Star Wars novels ever, and is a guy that was awesome to meet and get him to sign a hardcover. I’ve not read the new Thrawn book. I’ve heard it’s the best of the newer books, so we’ll see how it is.

Roy Thomas is a comics legend and Icon. He’s credited with creating Marvels Conan, Red Sonya, Carol Danvers, Tigra, Ultron, Wolverine, Vision Iron Fist, Man Thing, Morbius, Quarsar, Nighthawk The Destroyer, Valkyrie The Grim Reaper and GamesMaster and DC’s Doctor Mid-Nite and countless others (over 150) Getting Moore in my collection was an absolute honor and privledge, and I was pumped to add him on two Conan’s and a Print.

Sam De La Rosa is one of the top artists of the 90’s and a guy who worked on two of my favorite Childhood books – Spiderman and Venom. I’m thrilled to add him to my collection,  and was super happy he was there!

Mike Grell has one of the most iconic art stiles of the last few decades, as he made the Green Arrow one of the best drawn books of the last 40 years. I’ve got a Grell before, but you can never have enough Mike Grell!


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