Some great actors and musicians!

Josh Brolin set the world on fire this summer, playing both Thanos in Infinity War & Cable in Deadpool. He’s been in so many other amazing films like Sicairo, No Country for Old Men, True Grit, Men in Black 3, Everest, Jonah Hex and Sin City. I’ve wanted to add him to my collection for a long, long time – and with his explosion in popularity I was lucky to be able to add him at all. This isn’t the nicest piece, but it’ll do!

David Arquette is best known for his time on the scream franchise. He’s done some other great works like the original Buffy movie, the shockingly good DMX movie “Never Die Alone”.. Oddly enough he’s also a WCW Heavyweight Champion but he’s a sweet addition to the collection!

Fantastic Negrito is one of the best surprises on a lower card of a Festival I’ve seen. Xavier Dphrepaulezz is the man behind Fantastic Negrito and when I saw they were doing a signed vinyl preorder 6 months ago, I jumped on it as I wanted to make sure he’s in my collection and support a great up and coming artist. In a world where I am consistently disappointed with signed music preorders – this one came through!

Judah and the Lion  is an amazing band made up of Judah Akers, Brian Macdonald and Nate Zuercher. I’ve had the lucky opportunity to see Judah and The Lion twice, once at Music Midtown in 2017, and also opening up for Jimmy Eat World and Incubus. This band is super fun live, and I think is a band that will be going places and I’m thrilled to add them to my collection

Sir Sly is a great up and coming band made up of Landon Jacobs, Jason Suwito and
Hayden Coplen. I Got to see them live at Shaky Knees 2018, and was super impressed by the set they did.


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