Music, Actors and MLB greats

Orlando Bloom is a name i’ve wanted for a long long time, While his signature is pretty crappy. I was pleased to get him on a nice 12×18 as Will Turner from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. I would of prefered a Legolas shot, but this one will do nicely. Kingdom of Heaven and Black Hawk Down were also classics and Bloom is a HUGE get for my collection.

Jack Black is a comedy genius who happens to rock out a lot. I’ve always enjoyed a lot of his movies, but it wasn’t until I saw him at Shaky Knees preforming as Tenacious D that I really gained a TON of respect for him. I’ve enjoyed a lot of his work from School of Rock to King Kong, and now he’s a proud addition to my collection

Walter Rabbit Maranville was inducted into the MLB HOF in 1954 as a member of the Boston Braves, and he’s also in the Braves team HOF. He is a super big hole for my Braves project, and I was stunned to be able to get his 1933 Goudey for such a great bargain.

Don Larsen is a 2 time World Series Champion, a World Series MVP and a Perfect Game Pitcher. Larsen is a baseball legend, and my neighbor growing up used to tell me about seeing this game as a kid. It’s a wonderful addition to my collection, and one I am proud to own.

David EllefsonDave Mustaine are the key parts of Megadeth. While I met them both (and the rest of the Band) at Carolina Rebellion 2016, I saw they had a signed vinyl preorder and I jumped on it. I was a bit disappointed it was just Ellefson and Mustaine and it was on an insert, but it came out nice enough and is a cool addition to the collection.

Florence Welch of Florence + The Machine is an amazing artist. I saw her at Shaky Knees 2016 and was inches away from her during part of her set, and man, I fell in love with Florence. She had such a wonderful high energy set and really blew me away. When I saw she had a signed preorder, I pulled the trigger and ordered faster than I ever have before. Super thrilled to add Florence to my collection.

Kirk Hammett is a lead guitarist for Metallica. I have been after some Metallica stuff since I saw them live at Suntrust Park, and was thrilled to get a Kirk for the collection. Kirk isn’t Lars or Hetfield, but he still is a rock god and most welcome in my collection.

Ricky Skaggs is a Bluegrass Legend. He was nearby recently, and I had the opportunity to get him to sign a photo. Pleased to add him to my collection, as he is a music legend.


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