MLB & NFL Hall of Famers, some great actors and more!

Tom Fears was elected to the NFL Hall of Fame in 1970. He is number 272 of my HOF Project, leaving me with 46 to go. A member of the All Decade team of the 1950’s – Fears is a fantastic addition to my collection.

Don Sutton is a member of the Braves Team Hall of Fame and the voice of Braves baseball. He’s a member of the MLB Hall of Fame as well, class of 1998 – and a 4 time All Star. I’ve wanted Sutton for a long time in my collection and I’m thrilled to have him at last.

John Smoltz is one of my all time favorite players.  I had the chance to pick up his signed jersey, and I didn’t hesitate. Smoltz is the heart and soul of the 90’s Braves to me and I am happy to make this my second signed Braves jersey.

Josh Brolin is a guy I just picked up, but I had a chance to do it again so I did. I love him in a lot of his films – so I didn’t hesitate since the last signature was kind of smeared and faded.

Tommy Wiseau is best known for the iconic film “The Room” – It’s not a great film, but I enjoyed watching it and laughed at it more than once. As far as film goes – he’s one of the more interesting pickups I’ve had the chance to make recently

Matt Stewart is an Artist for Magic The Gathering. I’ve been wanting to make a Najeela commander deck, so when I contacted Matt about artist proof’s and saw I could get one for an affordable price – I gladly bought one. I saw his Lord of the Rings work on his Facebook page and knew I had to ask for a sketch of Aragorn.

Jim Thome was just elected to the MLB Hall of Fame. Known for launching bombs into the stands – The 5x All Star and 600 HR Hitter is a great addition to my collection.

George Wright was a part of the Braves history, way back to the Boston RedStockings era. He didn’t really have a rookie card, so his 50’s Callahan will suffice.

Larry Storch is a comedian and voice actor best known for his roles on F-Troop and The Great Race. He voiced early renditions of Dracula, The Joker and Merlin the Magic Mouse.


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