NFL Hall of Famers, great Actors and some awesome musicians.

Joe Stydhar was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame in 1967 and was one of the best tackles of the 1930’s. He also had a fairly noteable coaching career. Hall of Famers are always a big pickup for me, and I’m excited to knock out another old legend of the game.

Mandy Patinkin is best known to me for playing Inigo Montoya in The Princess Bride. An All time classic, Patinkin is also known for Homeland, Criminal Minds and Chicago Hope. I’m always up for adding a Princess Bride autograph to my collection, and am thrilled to add such an amazing character.

Amy Lee is best known for bringing to life the group Evanescence.  She was one of the sexiest and most powerful voices in rock in the early 2000’s and a longtime want in my collection. I am pumped to add her to my collection.

Billy Gibbons is the lead guitarist and vocalist of rock icon’s ZZ Top. I’ve seen ZZ Top Live and enjoyed the show they put on, but I was unable to secure an autograph – When I saw Billy Gibbons was doing a signed preorder – I leapt at the chance and am happy with the results of this one

Violett Beane is pretty much known for her role as Jessie Wells/Jessie Quick on The Flash. I’ve enjoyed the DC WB shows, and it’s always nice to add an actress or actor from the shows and I think Violett has a chance to go on and do great things.

Nick Markakis had an All Star season for the Braves in 2018. While he may not be back in 2019, Markakis became a fan favorite in his 4 seasons with the Braves, and is a welcome part of my Braves collection.


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