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B.J. Ward is best known for voicing Scarlett in G.I. Joe. While she’s not a new name for my G.I. Joe collection, I was lucky to get her on an 8×10 from her absolute last minute  Appearance at Retro-Con. Wish I could of sent in an item of my choosing, but I won’t complain about getting her on a nice 8×10.

Disturbed is a great band consisting of Dan Donegan, Mike Wengren, David Draiman and John Moyer. This is my second band signed item by disturbed, and one I was super hyped to pre-order. Sadly the album really does suck as it was a major artistical change in terms of style and hardness. Fun pick up though.

Jack Black and Kyle Gass make up Tenacious D. I got to see the D at Shaky Knees 2018 and they put on a hell of a show which made me respect them so much more. I certainly respect Jack Black more as an artist and an actor a lot more than I did before seeing them live, and am thrilled to add “The D” to my collection.

Gordon Ramsay is one of the most iconic chefs of contemporary cooking – more or less for his outrageous antics on TV and his shows but he’s a captivating personality. When I saw he had a signed book available for preorder. I thought to myself “There’s a signature I never knew I wanted, or thought about having, but can’t really pass up” and then I ordered.  I’m super stoked the book came out and it’s a proud addition to my oddly large growing collection of signed cookbooks.

Dakota Johnson is best known for her role as Anastasia in 50 Shades of Grey.  I’m not a fan of the franchise or anything, but I had an opportunity to pick her up in my collection and thought to myself she might have a great career, and  well, she’s pretty attractive.

Nicolas Cage is one of my favorite actors. He’s also known for having an absolutely shitty autograph. I finally was able to track one down from a great source I trust for a solid enough price. I loved Ghost Rider and National Treasure, Lord of War, The Rock and Con Air and am happy to add this one in my collection.

Moon Taxi is a great alt-rock band that I got to watch at Shaky Knees 2017. They have 5 members: Trevor Terndrup, Spencer Thomson, Tommy Putnam, Wes Bailey and Tyler Ritter. They were a bit Jam-Bandy, but I can’t pass up getting a great band I saw live on vinyl. Moon Taxi is a very welcome addition to the collection.

Elle King is another fantastic artist I’ve seen live (Opening for Willie Nelson in Atlanta in 2018) and when I saw she had a new album, I didn’t hesitate to get the signed Pre-order. Her music is delightfully twangy and she’s rather talented.

Chris Stratton is a pitcher for the Giants who was 10-10 on the year with a 5.09 ERA. He had some good games this year, and I’ll never complain about pulling an auto from a pack when you get the urge to bust some wax.



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