Hall of Famers, a Wolverine, Bluegrass, Star Wars, G.I. Joe & Art

Champ Bailey was just elected to the NFL Hall of Fame last Saturday in a massive class of 8 new members to the NFL Hall of Fame. I was fortunate enough to already have rookies for Kevin Mawae and Ty Law – leaving me with 6 new rookies I needed for my HOF Project. Gil Brandt and Pat Bowlen don’t have cards…yet – so that leaves me with 4. Champ Bailey was my first pickup of the 4, and I’m sure Tony Gonzalez, Ed Reed and Johnny Robinson will be close behind. Bailey was a 12x Pro Bowler, 7x All Pro, and was one of the best Shut Down corners of the 2000’s. He’s a welcome addition to my collection.

Hugh Jackman is probably best known for playing Wolverine.  Although he has a wide selection of great films such as Les Miserables, The Greatest Showman, Van Helsing, The Prestige and Australia – He will always be known as Logan to me. I am stoked to add him to my collection.

John Beatty is best known for inking for both DC and Marvel. His work on Batman and Captain America is certainly iconic, and I never would of dreamed that I’d be able to add a Beatty sketch to my collection, but I was lucky enough to be able to commission him for this one.

Lisa Raggio & Joesph Abaldo both starred in The Magic Show, which was a play in the 1970s. Joesph was a small time stage performer who had this play and another, and that was it. Lisa however voiced Zarana on G.I. Joe!  Lisa is one of the last precious few G.I. Joe voice actors I’ve been looking for, and is an amazing pickup for the collection. I was beyond excited to add this one to the collection and proud to be down “one more” for my Joe project.

Cathy Munroe played Zuckuss in The Empire Strikes back. The bounty hunters were one of the more iconic groups in Star Wars – and Cathy has been a want of mine ever since she showed up on the convention scene a few years ago. I find pickups like these truly exciting to make as Star War’s names from the original trilogy that I don’t have are either all obscure actors, or expensive ones.

Balsam Range is an award winning Bluegrass band that I’ve seen three times now.  Although I’ve got them on CD’s – It’s nice to get them on an 8×10 – Maybe one day they’ll release a vinyl and I can add that to the collection.

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