Music, Heisman Winners, Basketball Legends and an NFL HOF Inductee

Tony Gonzalez was recently inducted to the NFL Hall of Fame in the latest class. Arguably one of the greatest tight ends of all time, Tony Gonzalez was an absolute monster who was a 14x Pro Bowler and 10x All Pro. He’s an awesome addition to the collection, but it’s starting to make me feel old that guys who were rookies while I was growing up, are now in the HOF.

Lamar Jackson and Baker Mayfield were the 2016 & 2017 Heisman Trophy Winners. Both entered the draft in 2018 and had pretty solid rookie seasons (Especially Mayfield). I am happy to golf that project down to 5 Heisman Winners remaining, (Well, 6 once Kyler Murray gets a rookie)

Vince Gill was one of the first few concerts I saw, and man he puts on a good show. His beautiful voice was the driving force behind a slew of 90’s country staples. I’ve been wanting him in my collection for a long time, and was thrilled to get him on his newest Vinyl.

Three Days Grace consists of Neil Sanderson, Brad Walst, Barry Stock and Matt Walst. Although Adam Gontier left the band, they still are a pretty solid band and put out some great hits.

Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan were two of the most elite NBA Players of my lifetime, I recently had an opportunity to pick up a Basketball card collection cheaply, and once I saw these two beauty’s, knew I had purchase it. Kobe and Duncan are both sure fire Hall of Famers who can be mentioned in any conversation of NBA Legends. I’m proud to have both guys in my collection.

Stephon Marbury & Anfernee Hardaway were two of the biggest fan favorites of my childhood. While neither likely put up a Hall of Fame career – both men were Hobby Heavyweights and names everyone loved collecting. Both are great additions to the collection


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