Lots of new pickups! Music, Buffy, Baseball, Football and more!

Mike Love is the Co-Founder and Singer for the Beach Boys. He recently played a nearby show, and I was lucky enough to get him to barely sign my ticket after. He also signed one for my girlfriend as well.


Bruce Johnston is a singer and songwriter, and also original member of the Beach Boys. He also is the only member of the Band to of won a Grammy. Bruce signed a Ticket (well, he initialed it) and that one went to my girlfriend, but he also signed this sweet hat as well.


Sarah Michelle Gellar played Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and has been a HUGE want in my collection for a very long time. She recently wrote a cook-book, and Barnes and Noble just happened to have a signed version. She was a big deal in the early 2000’s and Late 90’s due to Buffy, Cruel Intentions, I know what you did last summer, Scream, Southland Tales and the Scooby-Doo remake. I’m beyond stoked to add her to my collection.


Chipper Jones spent 19 years with the Atlanta Braves and put up a Hall of Fame caliber career as an 8x All Star, 2x Silver Slugger and World Series Champion. He also recently released a book called “BallPlayer”, and I was thrilled to nab a signed edition of one of the most important Braves in team history.


Luke Kuechly is a 4x Pro Bowler, A former Defensive Player of the Year and Defensive Rookie of the Year and the anchor of the Carolina Panthers defense. He did a signing locally, and I couldn’t pass up adding this guy to my collection.


Heather Mitts is a three time Olympic gold medalist and one of the all time great women’s soccer defenders. She’s a great addition to the collection.


Jonas Valanciuanas is european basketball royalty, and currently balling it up for the Raptors. This came from busting some packs, So I was thrilled to add a nice looking card to the collection.


David Lee & Channing Frye were also the result of busting some packs. Both guys were great hits and welcome additions to the collection.

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Some quality actors and actresses and some music pickups!

Jamie Foxx has been in a ton of good stuff. While Ray is his most “Prominent” work, he’s known for his work in Django, Spiderman 2, Law Abiding Citizens, Jarhead, The Kingdom and so much more. Foxx is a HUGE pickup for my collection and I’m thrilled to add him to my collection.


Peter Dinklage has had an amazing selection roles. From his work on X-Men Days of Future Past and Game of Thrones, to his work on Narnia, Dinklage has became a prolific actor who has been on my wantlist for awhile. I’m thrilled to finally add him.


Danielle Panabaker is best known for playing Kaitlyn Snow & Killer Frost on The Flash. I’ve really dug the Flash, and think it’s the best superhero TV show in a long time. She has a pretty good filmography for horror as well, including The Ward, The Crazies, Piranha 3DD and the Friday the 13th Remake as well. She’s a great addition to the collection.


Mary McDonald Lewis voiced Lady Jaye in G.I. Joe and voiced Lois Lane on Superfriends. I can’t resist adding multiples of G.I. Joe Alumni to my collection.


Black Veil Brides is kind of like an emo Motley Crew, but hey, Andy Biersack is a pretty talented dude, and I’m always thrilled to add a nice multisig to my collection.


Chris Cerulli of Motionless in White signed this 8×24 Poster, Motionless in White is kind of Emo Metal, and I couldn’t resist a cheap and easy pickup.


Jenna McDougall of Tonight Alive signed this 8×24 Poster, Tonight Alive is a decent enough Rock Band, and I can never pass a good pickup for the right price!


Telle “Tyler” Smith of The Word Alive signed this 8×24 Poster. They are a funky Metalcore Band, and he, came with The other two above.




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Two cool Multisig pieces!

David Justice and Bobby Cox both signed this beautiful 16×20. Bobby Cox is a Hall of Famer and a big reason that the Braves were dominant for so long. He’s a club Icon, and I’m thrilled to add his signature to my collection. Justice hit a big home run and was a key part to the 95 team and Braves lore. He’s never going to be forgotten by any Braves Fan.


13 Different people signed Delirium #13! It’s signed by:

1: Robert Donavan is known for B list movies like Nightmare Man, MurderCycle and metric ton of softcore Skinamax and HBO titles
2: Julie Lehman was awesome in “Pretty Cool Too”, and has had guest spots in Veronica Mars, Constantine and Modern Family.
3: Catherine Annette is known for D level films like “After Midnight” and “The Coed and the Zombie Stoner”
4: HM Wynant is a classic character actor, with memorable roles in The Twilight Zone, Conquest of the Planet of the Apes, Days of Our Lives and over 150 roles.
5: Jason Bene is a writer over at Fangoria.
6: Alex Rinehart is best known for her upcoming role in “The Black Room”
7: Elizza Dowling has appeared in over 100 D-List movies and is a scream queen in her own right
8: Esther Goodstein is the producer for “The Black Room” and also produced “Nightmare Man”
9: Augie Duke is an actress best known for several D List films like “Spring” “Extraction” and “The Badger Game”
10: Rolfe Kanefsky is the Director of the upcoming “The Black Room” and has such films under his belt like “Nightmare Man” and several “Skinamax” Specials.
11: David Del Valle is a journalist, columnist, film historian, radio and television commentator on the horror/science-fiction/cult and fantasy film genres.
12: Lin Shaye is best known for her works in  A Nightmare on Elm Street, Critters, Insidious, Amityville: A New Generation,  Ouija and its prequel Ouija: Origin of Evil. She even had roles in Dumb and Dumber, and There’s Something About Mary.


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Hall of Fame Rookies and some Voice Actors!

Kenny Easley was elected to the NFL Hall of Fame by the Senior Committee. A 4 time All Pro, and 5 time Pro Bowler, Easley was a member of the 80’s all decade team. A big leader in the NFL Strike and a fairly short career (7 years) he is an interesting member of the Hall of Fame.


Jerry Jones is the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, and another recent elected member to the Hall of Fame. I don’t really feel he deserves to be in the Hall of Fame this fast, but nevertheless, he is a member.


Ladainian Tomlinson was also elected to the Hall of Fame in 2017, on his first ballot. Tomlinson represents a fun little crisis for my Hall of Fame collection, as we are now into the era of serial number rookies, and guys with 40+ rookie cards. In the spirit of keeping it uniform, I’ve decided 1) No Autograph rookies (This eliminates Contenders) and no Parallels (this eliminates Topps and Bowman chrome, as all rookies were refactors). So I bought his SP Game used for the collection, as it’s a base rookie numbered to 500 copies. I then decided I wouldn’t do game used rookies, so I picked up his Bowman’s Best rookie too


Zach Hoffman voiced Zartan in G.I. Joe. While I’ve got him on a few 8x10s, I couldn’t pass up the chance to add him on a beautiful 12×18.


Garry Chalk is a voice actor probably best known for taking over the role of Optimus Prime from Peter Cullen in the 90’s. He also had a pretty fun role on Stargate. He also took over the role of He-Man from John Erwin in the New Adventures of He-Man. Most Importantly (to me) he voiced Pathfinder and Metalhead in DIC’s run of G.I. Joe. While DIC’s run of G.I. Joe wasn’t amazing, Pathfinder and Metalhead were two of the brighter spots.



Larry Parmiter is the director of “The Axeman of Henderson County” Staring Hacksaw Jim Duggan.  All I can say about this one is – Sometimes when collecting, weird stuff comes your way and you get it.



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Days of the Dead 2017!

I went to Days of the Dead in Atlanta last weekend, and it’s still a pretty good convention.

Finn Wolfhard, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin  & Noah Schnapp all signed my Stranger Things Mini-Poster. The kids were super friendly, and their panel was fun. These kids are pretty much only known for Stranger Things, but Noah Schnapp also voiced Charlie Brown in the new Peanuts movie. Stranger Things has the makings of a cult classic and was such an enjoyable show. I don’t foresee me finishing this one (Because I highly doubt Winona Ryder will ever do an appearance where she signs), but this was 90% of my reason of attending Days of the Dead this year.


Linda Blair is best known for her work on the Exorcist. She was supposed to be at the last Days of the Dead I went to, but alas, due to snow she canceled. I’ve been waiting for Blair since, and I’m thrilled to finally add her to my collection.


Vader was another big reason for me to go. I’ve always wanted to meet the man, and he recently got a very bad health diagnosis and I figured he wouldn’t be making many more appearances. Meeting the man was a pleasure, and I’m thrilled to add a great signed 8×10 to my collection.


Bill Johnson  is best known for his role as Leatherface in the odd and unforgetable Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. Texas Chainsaw 2 is one of the weirdest, most odd Horror Movies of it’s time, and it pushed the limits for it’s days.  This 8×10 came out PERFECT, and I’m thrilled to add it to my collection.


CJ Graham played Jason in Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives, Super nice guy, and a name I’ve wanted to add to my collection for awhile!


Steve Dash played Jason in Friday the 13th part two, and certainly made it an iconic role. Mr. Dash was super nice, and a welcome addition to my horror collection.



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The MLB Hall of Fame Class of 2017 (and some NFL pickups)

The MLB Hall of Fame added 3 new members recently, and I’m glad to see them inducted.

Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez was always in my mind the “best” catcher of the 90’s. While Piazza was shrouded in “steroid” doubts, Pudge was a better defender, and a just as good hitter. He was so deserving in my mind, and I’m glad to see him inducted.


Jeff Bagwell should of made it in already, as he was a clean hitter, on a horrible team, overshadowed by unclean hitters, on winning teams. Looking back through the years, I can safely say I am glad to see Bagwell in the Hall of Fame, and think he represents the best of the sport for the 90’s


Tim Raines is a guy in the 90’s I laughed at when people said belonged in the Hall and responded with “Yeah, The Hall of Mediocrity”. Tim Raines was an unjuiced hitter, who played damn well, on a team that was so bad, they probably didn’t deserve to be in the Majors. He was overshadowed as well, by players who cheated with P.E.D’s.  This is the kind of guy, I want to represent his era.


Terrell Owens is an NFL Hall of Fame Finalist, and I think he’s a strong candidate for the Hall.  5x All Pro, 3x TD Leader, All Decade Team, 1000+ Receptions for 15,000+ Yards and 150+ TD’s. Entertaining to watch as well. His career had a lot of headaches on all of his teams though, so that might keep him out for awhile.


Ty Law is also an NFL Hall of Fame Finalist, and i’m not sure he makes it in.  He’s a 2x All Pro, who helped anchor the Patriots for 3 Superbowl wins. He also was on the All Decade team, lead the league in interceptions twice. His last 4 years were very lackluster, and the Patriots legacy is always a bit controversial.


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Ending January with some great pickups!

David Boreanaz has been a HUGE hole and big want in my collection for a long time. He was vital to both “Buffy” & “Angel” as Angel and He was the last major name I needed for “Bones” as Seeley Booth. This guy has literally been on 3 shows in 20 years, with no breaks on the train in between, so his body of work isn’t huge, but as a Guy who hasn’t missed an episode of either show – This is one of my favorite pickups of 2017 in a month filled with amazing pickups.


Tim Allen & Richard Karn pretty much formed the comedy Duo of the 90’s on Home Improvement doing “Tool Time”. While Richard Karn hasn’t done much else (Family Feud), Tim Allen is an absolute legend with a bevy of 90’s movies that invoke a strong case of Nostalgia in me (The Santa Claus series, Toy Story & Galaxy Quest). This is another fantastic way to close out the month, as this is a shot i’ve wanted for a very long time.


Miranda Otto is another longtime want of mine, as she absolutely killed it in Lord of the Rings as Eowyn.  Her career has been pretty successful with recent work in Homeland & going as far back as What Lies Beneath


Jenna Elfman is best known for Dharma and Greg, another 90’s sitcom I adored growing up. It was a perfect role for her, and she made it very memorable. Asides Dharma and Greg, her career has been a bit sparse (Looney Tunes Movie and EDtv), but It’s a nice throwback to add to the collection


Lisa Hammer voiced Triana Orpheus on Ventura Brothers. I enjoyed that show, and Triana was a memorable character, so I picked it up. She’s done a lot of indie German music and Films, which is cool, but I know nothing about them.


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