An Actress and a slew of Texans

Olivia Cooke was absolutely awesome in Ready Player One.  I went in with low expectations, and really enjoyed the movie, so I had to immediately pick up something by her. Luckily for me she signed for the Bates Motel set, which she appeared in 49 episodes of.  She also appeared in the enjoyable Ouija and in the movie Me, Earl & The Dying girl.

Tyrann Mathieu is the big prize for the Texans 2018 free agency class. He’s a one time Pro Bowler and is a new addition to my Texans collection. I’m super hyped to add his best rookie to my collection.

Lamar Miller is the current running back for the Houston Texans and has been the starter for the past few years. He’s preformed admirably as our starter and has done well

Will Fuller is our WR #2 and our former #1 Pick. He was off to an awesome start in 2018 until he got hurt (like our entire team), and I see bright things for him in the future.

D’onta Foreman was drafted to be the replacement for Lamar Miller. He was having a successful rookie campaign, and then suffered a horrible injury to his Achilles. He’s supposed to be well and competing for our starting job, so I competed

Andre Davis & Braxton Miller are both Wideouts who have played for the Texans.  Andre Davis played for us from 2007 to 2010 and owns several franchise records for us in Kick Returns. Miller is our third WR, and battling injuries, but has the potential to be great. Both are awesome additions to the collection.


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James Bond & an NBA Legend

Roger Moore & Carole Bouquet both signed this 8X10 from “For your eyes only”. I’ve always considered Roger Moore the definitive James Bond, and have beenafter him in my collection for a very very long time. It’s extra cool that Carole Bouquet, a fairly well known international actress, is also on the shot. This is one of my favorite pickups of 2018, and probably will be at the end of the year as well.

Dominique Wilkins was a beast who put basketball on the map in Atlanta.  The NBA Hall of Famer was prolific scorer, and one of my favorites to watch growing up. I had the opportunity to get his Jersey signed through Tristar, and jumped at the chance.

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Shameless, Texans, Music Stars and Horror Ladies

Emmy Rossum is best known for playing Fiona Gallagher on Shameless. I’ve been watching a lot of Shameless recently, and couldn’t resist adding Emmy to my collection.  She’s actually been in more than I realized – like Beautiful Creatures, Phantom of the Opera and Day after Tomorrow.

David Anderson, Aaron Colvin and Vince Wilfork are all Texans for my Texans Project. Anderson had a small career as the third wideout for awhile, Colvin just signed a contract to start in our secondary and Wilfork was a loveable fan favorite for a few years.

I love it when Darkdel has a signing for Delirium and the first few signers are announced. Caroline Williams and Felissa Rose were the first ones announced, and that’s all it took me to make the order. Sadly only 3 more signers were announced, way less than prior signings, but Jacqueline Lovell was a nice addition to that lineup.

Caroline Williams best known for her role in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 and Halloween 2 (the remake), Ama Lea is a horror director known for some recent shorts, Jeff Kwitny is best known for writing Beyond The Door 3, Iced and Illegal Alien and oddly enough, writing some Street Sharks episodes. Felissa Rose is best known for her work in Sleepaway camp  and a ton of B-Movies. & Jacqueline Lovell is known for her roles in adult films.

Travis Tritt recently played nearby with The Marshall Tucker Band & Charlie Daniels. They all put on a fantastic show, and I was pleased to see Travis Tritt had signed photos at his table for a pretty good price.

Lana Del Rey had a signed preorder on her site….7+ months ago for her new album, Lust for Life. The returns are a bit controversial, some people seem to think they were ghost signed, some do not. Regardless, after 7 months I got mine.

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Texans, Country stars and former Braves!

Andre Johnson probably is the best Texan of all time (with JJ Close behind) – I am super proud to add his SP Signature rookie to my Texans project, This card has been a long long time want of mine

Joe Diffie put on a concert for Charity in Georgia, and I was able to attend. While he wasn’t the best country artist I’ve seen ever, or even this year, he put on a great show and it was a memorable event for a fantastic cause.

Brian Jordan and Chris Chambliss did a signing at a car dealership, and it was free, so I hit it up. I added both men to an alumni Ball (Featuring Brian Hunter & Marty Perez) and started a full sized Alumni Bat, because why not?

Tyler Ervin, Jabari Holloway, Jay Prosch, Jared Crick, Keshawn Martin and Matt Stevens all started for the Texans at some point throughout there careers. Some were more successful than others, but all played a key role for the Texans at some point. I actually added a slew of linemen, and other minor former Texans to the Texans page, but these guys were the highlights!




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Braves and Texans – 2 MLB Hall of Famers!

Charlie “Hoss” Radburn was inducted to the MLB Hall of Fame in 1939.  He was a dominant force for his time and played 3 seasons for the Boston Beaneaters (Braves). I’m super thrilled to add him to my collection. Old “Hoss” didn’t have a traditional rookie card.  One of his earliest depictions on anything is the 1944 Albertype postcards. It’s kinda hard to track down a postcard from 1944 never used and in good condition, but I did it, and found one graded at an SCG 60 to boot!

Dave Bancroft was inducted to the MLB Hall of Fame in 1971.  He’s a Pre-War rookie, which makes his rookie card a bit of a “Debate” Since he was a Hall of Famer who played and managed 3 seasons with the Boston Braves – I am thrilled to add him to my collection. I picked up his 1926 W-512 which will serve as his rookie card for me, Since he has no “official” rookie.

For the Braves Project

Eddie Stanky was an All Star for the Braves back in the day, and Mike Stanton was a fan favorite of the 90’s Braves. Both guys are welcome additions to the Braves collection.

For the Texans Project…I’ve been knocking them out! knocking out 13 players!

Nick Novak served as our kicker in 2015 & 2016 and Shane Lechler has been our Punter since 2013. He had a hell of a career with the raiders, and may one day be a Hall of Famer. Nick Martin was the Texans starting Center in 2017 and Andre Hal has turned into one of our more dominant starting Safety’s and defensive players.

C.J. Fiedorowicz has been with The Texans for four years and the starting tight end for 2 seasons, due to concussions, his career may not be much longer than that. Benardrick McKinney has been our starting inside Linebacker and a bright spot on our defense for the past two seasons. Alfred Blue has been a quality change of pace back for 4 years, appearing in 56 games while starting 14.  Tom Savage started 9 games for us, mainly after Deshaun went down in 2017. Quintin Demps was our starting Saftey in 2014 and 2015, and did a great job at it.

Greg Mancz has taken over as our starting Center. A.J. Bouye was a dominant Nickel corner for us, before bolting for the Jaguars for more money. Ben Jones started on our line for 4 seasons, before bolting for the Titans. Joel Dreessen gave us 4 solid years at tight end.


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Braves, Texans, a Hall of Famer, Heisman winner and more!

Brian Urlacher was elected to the Hall of Fame this year, Class of 2018. I didn’t think he was first ballot, but he surprised me. He had an outstanding career and was a fun guy to watch.  Due to him sharing a rookie year with future Hall of Famer Tom Brady, and due to me owning Brady’s Showcase rookie – I decided I wanted Urlacher’s Showcase rookie over Topps Chrome, so they’d match.  I may go back and get the Topps Chrome later, but I’m good with this choice. 48 Hall of Famers to go!

Derrick Henry won the Heisman Trophy in 2015. He’s had a pretty lackluster career for the Titans, and was a cheap pickup to make.

Johnny Hopp and Jim Tobin were both All-Stars for the Braves in 1946  and 1944 respectively, both are great additions to the Braves project I’ve got going on.

Leo Mazzone is a mythical figure in Braves History as the Braves pitching coach that any Braves fan would say is a legend of Atlanta. He had a card from his minor league days, and it took forever to track down. Terry Forster was a Fan Favorite for the 80’s Braves as well

Steve McKinney, Bernard Pollard, Jason Babin, Morlon Greenwood and Wali Lundy were all names I wanted for my Texans Rookie Project. McKinley had the most success, followed by Pollard. Babin was a former #1 Overall pick, and Greenwood played decently. Lundy was a bust, but a loveable bust.

Patrick Willis may be a Hall of Famer someday, so I picked up his Topps Chrome rookie to prepare for that possibility.

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A HUGE HOF update, a classic hottie, a Brave & A wrestling legend.

I was able to pick up 5 Hall of Fame rookies, bringing me down to 49 to go! This is the closest I have ever been to being “Complete”

Ernie Nevers was one of the inaugural members of the NFL hall of fame. a 5x All Pro in the 1920’s, “Big Dog” was one of the first greats of the game. I am super stoked to add him to my Hall of Fame collection

Bob Waterfield was inducted in the Hall of Fame in the Class of 1965 and took the Rams to two championships in 1945 and 1951. He had a short career as a player, playing only 7 years. Waterfield not only played QB, but kicked and punted as well. Great addition to the HOF collection.

Art Donovan was inducted to the Hall of Fame in 1968, and was a key defensive tackle for the Colts, and a member of the all 1950’s team. He’s one of the best ever to line up at DT, and is a key pickup for my Hall of Fame collection

Gino Marchetti was Inducted to the Hall of Fame in 1972, and was a dominant force, even moreso than Donovan.  A 10x All pro, Member of the All 70’s team, and the All Time Team. Marchetti is an amazing pickup for my collection.

Randy Moss was inducted to the Hall this year, I already had his Bowman Chrome, but wanted his Topps chrome as well, This was an easy pickup to make.

Tina Louise is best known for playing Ginger in Gilligan’s Island, one of the first iconic redheads, Tina Louise is a great addition to my collection and will go right alongside my Dawn Wells.

Scott Steiner is best known for being a force in WCW. He won the WCW Championship and was more or less known for being a Tag Team champ with his Brother Rick 6 times in WCW and 2 times in WWE. I got to watch him wrestle in a highschool Gym, and it’s good to see, he still has it at 55. Can’t say the same for Buff Bagwell.

Ender Inciarte has won 2 Gold Gloves and made an All Star game with the Braves. in an era filled with mediocricy. Ender has been the light of brightness for the Braves.

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