Starting off 2019 with a bang!

Christoper Lee was one of the best characters of all time. He has some of the most iconic roles ever – Dracula, Saruman in Lord of the Rings, Count Dooku in Star Wars and Scaramanga in James Bond. Officialpix was doing a sale on old stock, and well, He’s no longer with us so I didn’t hesitate to make Christopher Lee my first pickup for 2019. He’s a name I’ve wanted for a very long time.

George Bush was the 43rd President of the United States. He wasn’t overly popular with my generation, but I’ll never forget his opening pitch in the World Series. One of the most definable American and Baseball moments of the last 30 years.  Portraits of Courage is an interesting book that captures meeting some of the servicemen and women he sent to war, and I think is an amazing book that I am proud beyond words to have in my collection.  If Christopher Lee wasn’t starting off 2019 with a big pickup, Bush was.

Frank Thomas was one of the most prolific hitters of my childhood having one of the coolest nicknames “The Big Hurt”. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2014 as a 5x All Star and 2x AL MVP. He’s one of the defining hitters of the 90’s that didn’t juice – and a great addition to my collection.

Sam Snead (3 Masters Wins, 82 Wins), Billy Casper (1 Masters win, 2 US Open Wins, 51 Wins), Doug Ford (1 Masters, 19 Wins)  Bob Goalby (1 Masters win, 11 Wins), Gay Brewer (1 Masters Win, 10 wins), Doug Sanders (20 PGA Wins) all signed this 8×10.  Golf isn’t a high priority for me – but I had a chance to pick up something really cool and complete that would be a great addition to my collection (Even if the Casper is faded) and went for it.  Stuff like this doesn’t come around often and is the stuff great collections are built upon.

Don Sutton is a Hall of Fame pitcher who announces for my beloved Braves. He was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1998 and was a 4x All Star for the Dodgers. He’s a guy I’ve had before, but couldn’t pass up again.

Jesse Ventura is an interesting indivdual. He had feature roles in Predator and The Running Man, was a WWE Hall of Famer, and Governor of Arizona. He’s a interesting guy and a neat pickup to make the collection.

Hope Solo is an All American hottie and name i’ve added before. Had a chance to add a great 8×10 and did.

Christen Press is a prolific woman’s soccer player who was part of the 2015 World Cup team winners.  She’s a solid pickup for the collection.

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Some sports pickups!

Jim Bakken & Roger Wehrli both played for the Cardinals. Roger went on to the Hall of Fame as a 7x Pro Bowler and member of the 70’s decade team while Jim was a 4x Pro Bowler who while not in the Hall of Fame was also a member of the 60’s & 70’s Decade team. This is a pretty cool pickup.

Larry Wilson was an 8 Time Pro Bowl safety for the Cardinals and a Hall of Famer. He was a member of the 1960’s All Decade team. I love adding Hall of Famers to the collection, and Wilson was a welcome pickup.

Ferguson Jenkins is a MLB Hall of Famer who is in the 3k Strikeouts club. Although I have Ferguson on an 8×10, and on a 20 Game project, He’s a great guy to have on an 11×14.

Keith Tkachuk had a long 19 year career in the NHL.  He was a 7 time All Star and a guy with an epic career. No Championships, and not in the HOF (yet), he’s a cool addition to the Hockey Collection.

Rick Reuschel and Paul Reuschel hold the distinction of being the only brothers to toss a combined shutout. Paul didn’t do much but Rick was a 3x All Star and 2x Gold Glove winner who won 20+ games in a season. It’s a neat add to the collection.

Reggie Sanders is a former All Star and World Series champion.  He was a Fan Favorite journeyman in the 90’s hitting 305 HR with 8 different clubs (although he started off as a Red) – He’s a cool addition to the collection.

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Ending 2018 with a bang!

This beautiful 20 Game Winners 16×20 is signed by 24 pitchers who won 20 games in a season. They are Steve Carlton (HOF), Jim Palmer (HOF), Phil Niekro (HOF), Ferguson Jenkins (HOF), Gaylord Perry (HOF),Bob Feller (Deceased – HOF), Don Sutton (HOF), Jim Bunning (Deceased – HOF), Bert Blyleven (HOF), Doc Gooden (Cy Young 4x All Star), Ron Guidry (Cy Young 4x All Star), Mike Scott (Cy Young 3x All Star), Bob Turley ( Deceased – Cy Young, 3x All Star), Bill Monbouquette (Deceased- 4x All Star), Jim Kaat (3x All Star), Ralph Branca (3x All Star), Jerry Koosman (2x All Star), Bill Singer (2x All Star), Jim “Mudcat” Grant (2x All Star), Scott McGregor (1x All Star), Ross Grimsley (1x All Star), Mike Boddicker (1x All Star), Dennis Leonard (AL Wins Leader), John Tudor (World Series Champion). This was a wonderful gift to me by my sweet Fiance. Who gave me one of the coolest multi-sig items ever. I hope to add to it in the future.

Gregory Peck is one of the best actors of all time. To Kill a Mockingbird is a classic and so is Roman Holiday. The Omen, Cape Fear, The Gunfighter and Guns of Navarone are all iconic films in there own right as well.  He’s been a want of mine for a long time, and is the perfect graph to end 2018 with.

Gene Wilder is one of the names I regret missing when I had the chance. His portrayal of Willy Wonka is unforgettable. Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstein were also some of the most iconic films   His last signing was with OC Dugout in 2015 – He was $199 a signature and I was like “Nah, that’s too high for me”. He passed shortly after and I regretted it since. Fortunately OC Dugout still has items from that signing – and thanks to aggressive holiday sale they ran – I finally got one. I am stoked to have this centerpiece worthy addition to the collection.

Jennifer Love Hewitt is best known for looking super fine in “I know what you did last summer” and “Can’t Hardly” wait – which were two of my guilty pleasures from growing up. When I saw she was doing a private signing I jumped at the chance because Officialpix is the king of quality private signings. Needless to say – I am not disappointed in this one at all and it is a killer pickup to my collection.

Liam Neeson is one of the best actors in the last 10 or so years.  Taken, The Grey, Unknown, Schindler’s List, Batman Begins, The Phantom Menace, Narnia, The Lego Movie, The A-Team and Clash of the titans plus so many more. He’s a name I’ve wanted for a long time, had a chance to get, and didn’t hesitate to pickup.  He’s a big addition to my Star Wars collection and one I am beyond satisfied to have at last.

Emily Blunt has had her career take off since being in a “Quiet Place” as the new “Mary Poppins”. Asides that she’s been in The Edge of Tomorrow, The Devil wears Prada and The Adjustment Bureau. I think she has a very bright career ahead of her and I am thrilled to add her to my collection.

Pedro Pascal is best known for playing The Viper Oberyn Martell on Game of Thrones. His career has exploded in short order – getting roles in Narcos, Graceland and cast in the upcoming Wonder Woman and The Mandalorian. I have a feeling his career is about to explode, and I am pumped to add him to my collection. I loved him on GOT, And felt he had one of the better characters.

Cameron Monaghan is best known for playing Ian in Shameless and The Joker in Gotham. He’s not done much else of note, but I loved Shameless and felt he had a fantastic role in the series. I am super stoked to add him to the other cast members from the show in my collection.

 Dan Phillips did this absolutely breathtaking Darkhawk sketch. Dan has an amazing ability and can bring any character to life in a way that makes your inner child happy. Proud to make this my third Dan Phillips sketch.

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An Acting Legend with G.I. Joe ties, Superheroes, Star Wars and Music!

Burgess Meredith has been a want of mine for a very very long time. Burgess voiced the fearsome leader of Cobra-La Golobulus. He had a long and illustrious career with roles in the Rocky Franchise, Grumpy Old Men, Clash of the Titans and the original Batman show.  I am beyond thrilled to add Burgess to my collection

Franz Drameh & Falk Hentschel play Jefferson Jackson/Firestorm and Carter Hall/Hawkman in the show Legends of Tomorrow and the rest of the “Arrowverse”. These shows are some of the best shows going on TV right now and I am excited to add two of my favorite characters to my collection. Neither is known for much else right now, but who knows what the future will bring.

Vanessa Marshall voiced Hera in Rebels. Rebels is a great cartoon and one of the better newer star wars things to come out in recent years. She’s had an incredibly long voice over career bringing life to characters such as Olga in Metal Gear Solid 2, Jan Ors in Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast, and the animated version of Gamora. Star Wars is always a fun pickup for me, and Marshall is most welcome in the collection.

Tiya Sircar voiced Sabine Wren in Star Wars: Rebels.  She’s went on to be in The Good Place, Supergirl and spirit riding free. It looks like she’s breaking out of the voice acting roles, so here’s hoping she has a long career!

Taylor Gray voiced Ezra Bridger on Rebels. It’s pretty much his only role, but what a role. Ezra is one of the best new character creations Star Wars has had in the last 20 years – and a very welcome addition to my collection.

Bastille is a great alt-rock band consisting of Dan Smith, Kyle Simmons, Will Farquarson and Chris Wood. I had the chance to see them preform live at Music Midtown 2017 and when I got a chance to get Bad Blood signed by all of them – I jumped at the chance as they were very very good and were one of the bright spots of that weekend!

Coolio was one of the rap gods of the early 90s. Gangsta’s Paradise and 1,2,3,4 were two of my childhood jams and his appearance in Batman Forever was pretty dope. When you get a chance to make a very cool and cheap pickup – you take it.

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Star Wars, Music and some great actors.

Ian Mcdiarmid and Hayden Christensen both signed this 8×10. Topps was having a killer Black Friday sale, so I scooped up this great Multisig featuring both Anakin and Senator Palpatine.  While the Prequals are not my favorite, the newer movies have increased my appreciation for them. This is a huge get for my Star Wars collection.

John Boyega plays Finn in The Force Awakens and Last Jedi. While I’m not a huge fan of the movies compared to the originals – Boyega does a great job. He’s not done much else but he was in the new Pacific Rim movie. Either way I’m thrilled to add a second Star Wars name to my collection.

Rob Lowe was best known for his time on Parks and Recreation.  He’s known for his roles in St. Elmo’s Fire, Waynes World and The Outsiders. I enjoyed the heck out of Parks and Rec. so adding Lowe to my collection was a huge get as this cast is one of the best ensemble casts I’ve watched for a comedy.

Fastball is a band composed of Tony Scalzo, Miles Zuniga and  Joey Shuffield and 20 years ago they released one of the best albums of the 90’s “All The Pain Money Can Buy”. Fastball is a band i’d love to see live, and hopefully they’ll do a 20th anniversary tour. This is a favorite pickup of mine due to the pure nostalgia of it.

Rebecca Gayheart (Now Rebecca Dane) is best known for her sultry role in Urban Legend. One of my Favorite Horror movies, I’ve been after an autograph of her forever. She faded out of the public eye for a long time, and well, I’m pleased to have her in the collection finally.

Tiffany is an iconic singer of the 80’s – best known probably for her Playboy photo shoot in recent years. When I heard she was putting out a new album and had a very affordable signed preorder – I thought “Why Not?” and preordered it. 5 month’s later I got it in and well, It’s a neat addition to the collection.



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Some signed Books!

Barnes and Noble had it’s annual signed book Black Friday, and I was able to make some sweet pickups.

Madeleine Albright was the first female US Secretary of State and is a pretty historically significant figure. I’m always up to add a historical figure to my collection and Albright certainly fits the bill.

Tiffani Thiessen was a TV Queen in the 90’s playing both the iconic Kelly Kapowski in Saved by the Bell and Valerie Malone on 90210. She’s a legendary hottie of my childhood, and I’m thrilled to add her to my collection – even if it was a cookbook.

Tim Tebow is a Heisman Trophy winner and college football legend, and all around nice guy. I’ve already got him on one signed book, but I didn’t mind making it another as hes such a nice guy and the kind of athlete you can’t help but want to support.

Scott Kelly is a retired US astronaut who went to space 4 times and commanded the International Space Station. He’s another historical figure who I figure is a good match for my collection, and I’m excited to read his book.

Megan Mullally & Nick Offerman both were in Parks and Recreation as Ron Swanson and The evil Tammy.  I already had Offerman on a card, but I enjoyed Parks and Rec so much I couldn’t pass up the book.

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Classic TV, Music and G1 Transformers

Bill Mumy (Will Robinson), Mark Goddard (Major Don West) , Marta Kristen (Judy Robinson) and Angela Cartwright (Penny Robinson) all were on the Original Lost in Space.  It was an iconic SCI-FI show, and one that is certainly a pillar of SCI-FI. June Lockhart is the last living member needed to sign it, and I don’t think that’ll happen as she’s 93. Regardless, It’s still an awesome piece to add to my collection and one I am super happy to have.

Lisa Loring played the iconic Wednesday Adams on the Original Adams Family show. It’s an iconic part of TV history and I am thrilled to add her to my collection

Tove Lo is an up and coming musician, whom I got to see live at Music Midtown 2017. Her music is catchy and she usually flashes the crowd once per set. She’s a guilty pleasure of mine and I am pleased to add her in my collection

Stephen Keener just did a rare appearance at TFCon in Chicago. Transformers is literally the only thing he ever did, but he brought to life the voice of Scorponok, Fortress Maximus, Scattershot, Hardhead , Mindwipe and Abominus . Getting to pick up new G1 actors is super super rare for me – so adding Keener to my collection is a highlight of my year for sure.

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