Baseball, Rock, Actresses and some NFL Hall of Fame rookies

The Sandlot is an iconic movie. I was pumped to get an 11×14 signed by Victor Dimattia who played  “Timmy”, Marty York who played “Yeah, Yeah”, Shane Obedzinski who played “Repeat”, Chauncey Leopardi who played squints, Brandon Adams who played denunuez and of course Tom Guiry who played smalls. This is a fantastic pickup for the collection, and one I am thrilled to own.

Cheap Trick consists of Robin Zander, Tom Peterson, Rick Nielson and Daxx Nielson. Probably best known for Dream Police, this classic rock band is a fantastic addition to my collection, and one I am proud to own.

Bobby Cox is the legendary GM of the Braves, elected to the Hall of Fame in 2014. I’ve always wanted to add him to the collection on a ball, and took the opportunity to do so. Unfortunately Mr. Cox had a stroke the day after I ordered this, so I hope he makes a full recovery.

Ed Reed was elected to the Hall of Fame recently and was first Ballot. I did not have his Topps Chrome Rookie, and tracking a nice version down ( a refactor to boot) was a challenge. I am pumped to make progress on my Hall of Fame collection, and to add one of the most dynamic safety’s of my lifetime to the collection.

Johnny Robinson was also elected to the Hall of Fame as a senior candidate. He played 10 years with the Chiefs, at Safety. He was part of the Superbowl 4 Squad and was a 6 time All Pro and a member of the AFL All Time team. I don’t think Johnny was on anyone’s radar for the Hall of Fame, but he’s in and in my collection.

Rose Byrne & Glenn Close both stared in Damages.  Byrne got her start in Star Wars episode 2, and went on to star in Troy, Peter Rabbit, X-Men Apocalypse, Insidious and Neighbors. Glenn Close is a bit of a legend with roles in 101 Dalamations, Fatal Attraction, Hook, The Natural, Guardians of the Galaxy, Air Force One and Mars Attacks. This is a cool pickup for the collection (despite Byrne’s signature being in a dark area)

Yngwie Malmsteen is a modern day guitar god. I was able to get the signed deluxe edition of Blue Lightning, and since My Generation Axe Pledgemusic pledge has been in Limbo for over half a year, figured i’d take this chance to get Yngwie in my collection, as He was a name I’ve wanted for a long time. His signature kinda sucks, but at least he’s in the collection now.

Sam Hunt,  Dylan Crews , Andrew Villalobos and Reece Holbrook  are all team USA baseball players who could potentially make the majors one day. I had a chance to bust some Wax, and thought I did fairly well.

Avery Short is a team USA Baseball player who was also part of my Wax Busting escapades. Cool jersey insert with a generous amount of game used material.

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Music & Art

Dann Phillips did two more Amazing commissions for me.  The first one is the third in a series of DC vs Marvel with the third piece having a twist. It has Spiderman vs Green Arrow, Punisher vs Jonah Hex, Beta Ray Bill vs Flash, Iron Man vs Firestorm and Spawn vs Hellboy. The Second piece is Ra’s al Ghul  vs Dawn. He really nailed both pieces and I am proud to add both to my collection.

Clutch is a fantastic Band made up of Tim Sult, Dan Maines, Jean-Paul Gaster and Neil Fallon. I got to see Clutch Live at Carolina Rebellion 2016, right after they dropped Psychic Warfare, which was a fantastic album.  Getting to pick it up signed years later after they made an appearance is a certainly huge get for me.

T-Pain and Blackbear made an appearance nearby, and I was able to get them both on a signed Poster for the Event. Both are fantastic artists if you’re into rap – and both are a welcome addition to my collection.

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How I Met Your Mother, Lord of the Rings, Models, Music, Art & Arrow!

How I Met Your Mother was a fantastic show. I never watched it when it aired, but my Fiance adores it we watched all 9 seasons together. I had the opportunity to pick up a cast piece, and although it wasn’t super cheap, it’s got the main fivecast members on it. It features the lovely Alison Hannigan and Cobie Smulders. and the trio of Josh Radnor, Jason Segel and Neil Patrick Harris. This is an item I’m pretty proud to add to my collection, and certainly a cool pickup.

Andy Serkis is a cinema legend for his motion capture and voice work. His best work likely comes from Lord of the Rings as the lovely Gollum, but he’s also had roles in Star Wars as Snoke, The new Planet of the Apes movies as Ceaser, Mowgli as Baloo, and even an on camera role in Black Panther. Serkis is a name I’ve wanted forever, and I’m happy to add to my collection.

Jeremy Dale was a comic artist who passed too soon. I met him at a smaller convention ages ago, and passed on a commission then. He passed shortly after and I’ve regretted it since. Having original art by him was always high on my list of wants, and I’ve lost several pieces over the years. When I saw this Zartan piece I didn’t hesitate long, as G.I. Joe is one of my soft spots, even if I try to keep my original art more DC/Marvel based. It’s certainly a piece I am proud to own, and a white whale that is now firmly captured.

Switchfoot is a great alternative rock band made up of some fantastic musicians, and had some pretty classic hits in the early 2000’s. It’s members consist of Jon Foreman, Tim Foreman, Chad Butler, Jerome Fontamillas and Drew Shirley. Vinyl has been one of my favorite things to pickup recently, so I didn’t hesitate when I got the shot to add Switchfoot to the collection.

Caity Lotz is best known for playing Sara Lance aka the White Canary on The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow. She’s an absolute kickass actress in an amazing role and I have enjoyed the Arrowverse so much the last few years. She’s not done much else asides a small role on Mad-Men, but I am expecting big things from her after she’s done with DC TV.

Ashley Graham is a popular model. It’s been awhile since I’ve made a model pickup, and she was on my shortlist of models i’d add to my collection at this point.

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Art, NBA Hall of Famers, Music and a legendary Hottie

Sharon Stone is an acting legend who is best known for several films like Basic Instinct, Casino & The Quick and The Dead. She’s a legendary Hottie and one I’m glad to add to my collection.

Mike Grell is a comics legend best known for Green Arrow. I was able to commission a Green Arrow from him. It’s a fantastic piece and I am very very happy with the results. It certainly looks like a badass Oliver Queen.

Walk The Moon is a fantastic band, I’ve seen them Three times, and this is my second signed poster by them. It’s a lot nicer aesthetically than the last one as far as the signature placement and ink color goes.  They always put on a great show and such a high energy one at that. I’m always glad to add a concert poster from a show, and it’s even better when it’s signed.

I picked up a slew of NBA Hall of Fame rookies..

Allen Iverson, Tracy McGrady & Shaquille O’Neal  were three of the most dynamic players of my youth.  These guys were never a doubt in my mind as some of the best and most exciting players ever.

Ray Allen, Steve Nash & Gary Payton were some of the best defensive and utility players of the 90’s and beyond. These guys really set the bar for dominance and all are welcome additions to the collection.

Jason Kidd, Grant Hill and Alonzo Mourning were three also dominant players of my youth. While they never really had the Star Power of Iverson, Shaq or T-Mac – these guys were household names and Kidd especially dominated the court.

Sarunas Marcilionis, Mitch Richmond are also NBA Hall of Famers. Mariulionis put up a big international career, and Mitch Richmond put up a quiet, but dominant career in an era filled with Giants.

Rebecca Lobo, Dawn Staley & Sheryl Swoopes are all women’s basketball legends and Hall of Famers

Glen Robinson & Chris Webber are not Hall of Famers, but were personal favorites of mine during the 90s.


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Music, Heisman Winners, Basketball Legends and an NFL HOF Inductee

Tony Gonzalez was recently inducted to the NFL Hall of Fame in the latest class. Arguably one of the greatest tight ends of all time, Tony Gonzalez was an absolute monster who was a 14x Pro Bowler and 10x All Pro. He’s an awesome addition to the collection, but it’s starting to make me feel old that guys who were rookies while I was growing up, are now in the HOF.

Lamar Jackson and Baker Mayfield were the 2016 & 2017 Heisman Trophy Winners. Both entered the draft in 2018 and had pretty solid rookie seasons (Especially Mayfield). I am happy to golf that project down to 5 Heisman Winners remaining, (Well, 6 once Kyler Murray gets a rookie)

Vince Gill was one of the first few concerts I saw, and man he puts on a good show. His beautiful voice was the driving force behind a slew of 90’s country staples. I’ve been wanting him in my collection for a long time, and was thrilled to get him on his newest Vinyl.

Three Days Grace consists of Neil Sanderson, Brad Walst, Barry Stock and Matt Walst. Although Adam Gontier left the band, they still are a pretty solid band and put out some great hits.

Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan were two of the most elite NBA Players of my lifetime, I recently had an opportunity to pick up a Basketball card collection cheaply, and once I saw these two beauty’s, knew I had purchase it. Kobe and Duncan are both sure fire Hall of Famers who can be mentioned in any conversation of NBA Legends. I’m proud to have both guys in my collection.

Stephon Marbury & Anfernee Hardaway were two of the biggest fan favorites of my childhood. While neither likely put up a Hall of Fame career – both men were Hobby Heavyweights and names everyone loved collecting. Both are great additions to the collection

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Hall of Famers, a Wolverine, Bluegrass, Star Wars, G.I. Joe & Art

Champ Bailey was just elected to the NFL Hall of Fame last Saturday in a massive class of 8 new members to the NFL Hall of Fame. I was fortunate enough to already have rookies for Kevin Mawae and Ty Law – leaving me with 6 new rookies I needed for my HOF Project. Gil Brandt and Pat Bowlen don’t have cards…yet – so that leaves me with 4. Champ Bailey was my first pickup of the 4, and I’m sure Tony Gonzalez, Ed Reed and Johnny Robinson will be close behind. Bailey was a 12x Pro Bowler, 7x All Pro, and was one of the best Shut Down corners of the 2000’s. He’s a welcome addition to my collection.

Hugh Jackman is probably best known for playing Wolverine.  Although he has a wide selection of great films such as Les Miserables, The Greatest Showman, Van Helsing, The Prestige and Australia – He will always be known as Logan to me. I am stoked to add him to my collection.

John Beatty is best known for inking for both DC and Marvel. His work on Batman and Captain America is certainly iconic, and I never would of dreamed that I’d be able to add a Beatty sketch to my collection, but I was lucky enough to be able to commission him for this one.

Lisa Raggio & Joesph Abaldo both starred in The Magic Show, which was a play in the 1970s. Joesph was a small time stage performer who had this play and another, and that was it. Lisa however voiced Zarana on G.I. Joe!  Lisa is one of the last precious few G.I. Joe voice actors I’ve been looking for, and is an amazing pickup for the collection. I was beyond excited to add this one to the collection and proud to be down “one more” for my Joe project.

Cathy Munroe played Zuckuss in The Empire Strikes back. The bounty hunters were one of the more iconic groups in Star Wars – and Cathy has been a want of mine ever since she showed up on the convention scene a few years ago. I find pickups like these truly exciting to make as Star War’s names from the original trilogy that I don’t have are either all obscure actors, or expensive ones.

Balsam Range is an award winning Bluegrass band that I’ve seen three times now.  Although I’ve got them on CD’s – It’s nice to get them on an 8×10 – Maybe one day they’ll release a vinyl and I can add that to the collection.

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Some absolute killer film and music pickups.

Clint Eastwood is an absolute legend of cinema. I never would of thought years ago I’d own an authentic Clint Eastwood, but I am proud to have one in my collection. Beckett Authenticated this Eastwood is from his iconic film – The Outlaw Josey Wales.  From movies like The Good, The Bad & The Ugly to Gran Torino. The man has been in more movies that I care to type. This is instantly one of the centerpieces of my collection and a beautiful pickup.

The Oak Ridge Boys are an iconic band both in the Gospel and Country music Hall of Fame. Known pretty much for “Elvira” I had a chance to see them live and they put on a great show. I was lucky enough to get Joe Bonsall and William Lee Golden off the stage during the closing song, and luckily enough I was able to get Duane Allen and Richard Sterban afterwards. This piece came out beautifully, and is instantly one of my favorites.

Austin Curcuruto is the touring drummer for the Oak Ridge Boys, He may be the nicest guy ever, because he saw me showing my fiance my Oak Ridge Boys Vinyl signed by Bonsall and Golden, and came down to ask if I needed help getting Allen and Sterban. I was stunned he asked, but he took it and got it signed. I promised him it won’t end up on Ebay, and then I asked him to sign the inside or back of it. He refused, and gave me his sticks instead, and signed and dedicated them to me. It’s one of the nicest and classiest gestures ever that’s happened to me, and I’m proud to have Austin in my collection.

Bobby Hull is an NHL Legend and Hall of Famer. The Golden Jet is a 3x Art Ross winner, 10x All Star, Stanley Cup Champion, 2x Hart Winner, and was the third hockey player to appear on Time Magazine. Bobby is a super sweet pickup for the collection and one that is a great addition to my Hockey Memorbillia

Atmosphere is one of my favorite Rappers ever. Slug and Ant are one of the dynamic duo’s of the rap game, and although I’ve got them on Tickets, a CD, I’ve never got them on a Vinyl. When I got that chance, I took it. I love how it turned out, and am proud to have it in my collection.

Maggie Rogers is an up and coming artist who is selling out shows and getting a lot of attention. She’s going to be at Shaky Knees, and I enjoyed listening to her stuff in preparation, so I went ahead and picked her up for the collection.

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