A voice actress, street fighter and more Braves.


Susan Roman was the voice of Sailor Jupiter on Sailor Moon. She also lent her voice to the roles of a ton of other cartoons, but none I know that well.


Jay Tavare is best known for playing Vega in street fighter and for his role in “The Missing”. He’s not had a huge career, but his role in street fighter was cool enough!


J.D. Drew was a fan favorite for the Braves during his short career with them.  We traded away a young prospect named Adam Wainwright in the deal, and that hurt our future tremendously. He finished 6th in MVP voting in his one and only Braves season

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A Hall of Famer (NFL) and a ton of Braves!

Ed Debartolo Jr was recently enshrined in Canton in the Class of 2016. He’s never had a card of any kind before his Enshrinement, so this was a quick addition to the collection, and one I’m happy to make



As for the Braves? I added 28 rookies, most of them being fan favorites of lesser known players from the 70s-90s…but for the highlights?


Kid Nichols made the Hall of Fame for the Braves as a Boston Beaneater, He didn’t get a mainstream card until a tribute set in the 1960s


Pete Van Wieren is in the team hall of fame and is one of the best known voices of the Braves. This one was a promo for the NBA Hoops set in the early 90’s and is super super tough to find, Skip Carey will be super super tough as well.


Ozzie Virgil was a 1x All Star for the Braves

cchamblissrc frenchyrckgriffeysrrc

As for the Fan Favorites? Chris Chambliss, Jeff Francouer,and Ken Griffey Sr. lead the pack here!

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Falcons and Braves – Autos and Rookies

I went down to Flowery Branch with the wonderful girlfriend with hopes of landing some more autographs! It was interesting because 1) It was Lance Moore’s one and only practice with the Falcons 2) Holy crap, I don’t remember the one in 2012 being that HOT 3) These have gotten much more popular, as 20 times more people were at the practice.  Sadly only the rookies signed after practice, so no sweet scores like Michael Turner and Thomas Decoud like last time, but hopefully these guys pan out.

2016 Falcons Team Ball signed by 14:  Deion Jones (2nd Rounder #45) Austin Hooper (3rd Rounder #81), Devondre Campbell (4th Round #59),Devin Fuller (7th Rounder #87), David Glidden (UFA #7), Chris Mayes (UFA #74), Devonte Johnson (UFA #33), Cory Johnson (UFA #98), Brian Poole (UFA #34), Will Ratelle (UFA #39),  Joshua Perkins (UFA #82 ), Brandon Wilds (UFA #82), Brandon Williams (UFA #75) Matt Simms (3rd Qb #4)  – With 8 of the guys being undrafted free agents, I don’t see this one being a super valuable ball over the years, but you never know!


I recently attended Braves Alumni Weekend with the better half – and instead of being greeted with signings galore, I was greeted with a Charity Softball game and a loss from the Braves. The Braves store has the some cool MLB memorabilia for sale, so I was pumped to get an official game used Final Season ball, which I added former Braves Shortstop and Fan Favorite of the 70’s Marty Perez (who signed before the softball game) and Brian Hunter who was cool enough to sign after the game in the club level area. Still pumped to add two new Braves to my collection


On to the Cards…

walkercooperc philmasirc

Phil Masi was a 3x All Star for the Braves, and Walker Cooper was a 1 Time All Star for the Braves.


Al Hrabosky & Craig McMurtry were fan favorites for the Braves in the 80’s, Dave Jolly was a member of the 1957 Championship team

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Some Braves Autos and Rookies and a Rapper!

NF is an up and coming rapper whom I’ve enjoyed tremendously enjoyed over the last few months. I jumped at the opportunity to get the signed edition of Therapy Session. NF is a refreshing change in my playlist, and I look forward to his career unfolding.


John Schuerholz is the president of the Atlanta Braves, and was inducted into the teams Hall of Fame with Andruw Jones in 2016. Schuerholz is a key figure in Braves history, and tracking down his team postcard with the Royals from 1982 proved to be a mammoth task, but one I’m glad to of achieved.


I had the opportunity to attend a Gwinett Braves game with a very special lady. I was pretty pumped to get Daniel Castro and Stephen Janas on a team ball. Castro has been up and down from AAA to MLB and Janas dominated AA, and has plateaued a bit in AAA. Both guys were sweet additions.


Mark Wohlers did a signing in Gainesville GA, and I was pretty pumped to add him to a 95 World Series ball already signed by Ryan Klesko…This will turn into a new project I have a feeling! I also added him to a team sticker thing, that was free at his booth.

95braveskelsko 95braveswothlersmarkwothers

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Fanboy Expo – 2016

Fanboy Expo has grown, which is both good and bad. Good, because it brings bigger names to somewhere that isn’t Charlotte or Atlanta and bad because that comes with Growing Pains. The show is trying hard to stay affordable, and I got to hand it to them for that, but they need a bigger space, because I’ve never been as cramped as my life at a convention as I was today (and considering WalkerStalker, that’s a statement).  I don’t think they counted on the sea of rednecks and good ole boys to show up for Flair and the Dukes of Hazard cast (not to mention Shatner, Barbara Eden and Dawn Wells being big draws).

But it’s time for the Loot!

William Shatner had a pretty sizeable Line, I went for him first thing, and there went an Hour. I’m pleased to finally add the Captain to my collection, he was super nice, and looking great.


Ric Flair made me go WOOO, Meeting the Nature Boy is always exciting, and I was pumped to see he had something new and unique at his booth…Boots! I now proudly own boots signed by the Nature Boy, who is a super super nice guy (and who had a longer wait than Shatner)


Raymond Persi is an award winning Animator and voiced Flash in Zootopia, super nice guy, and as an animation nut, I’m pumped to add a pretty unique 11×14 to my collection.


Catherine Bach was my longest line of the day, clocking in at just under 2 hours. I’m pretty pumped I was able to meet her, as she was an absolute sweetheart. Every country boy needs to meet Daisy Duke, Mission Accomplished.


Barbara Eden is another Icon, and she was super sweet. I thought the B/W Photo in Silver came out Great, and she’s another huge add to the collection.


Linda Larkin was by far the nicest suprise of the Day, as she was super bubbly and sweet. She’s another Disney Princess for me, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite parts of my collection.


Kevin Nash and Scott Hall were both super great guys, and Scott Hall was one of the funniest guys I’ve met at a convention. Sadly, I had a “Causality” happen and somehow in the Tennessee Heat….Hall’s signature stuck to the acid free sleeves I use every time, without any hitches. Pretty bummed on that one, but I got a great photo op, and Nash came out well.


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Braves & Texans Pickups, and a great musical addition

I have much time to post updates anymore, but I’m glad i’m making the time to do so.

I’ve picked up several Atlanta Braves rookies for my project including

Lew Burdette who is a member of the Team Hall of Fame, and one of the best players to ever wear a Braves uniform. In terms of importance in who was left, I had him ranked at #10.


Felipe Alou was a two time All Star for the Braves, and a killer addition to the collection.


Andy Messersmith, Gary Matthews and Johnny Estrada were all 1 Time All Stars


 Adam Laroche was a Fan Favorite and Mel Roach was a part of the 1957 Championship team


Eugene Wilson was a key role player for the Texans, and sadly, didn’t really have a great rookie card to choose from for my Texans Project. I settled for a Topps Finest refractor.


Rick Astley has sung his way into our hearts with Never going to give you up. It’s an iconic song, and When I saw he had a new album with a signed pre-order. I hit that order button without a second’s hesitation. The CD is really good, and the signature is even better!


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SixxAm is a pretty fun band and I love the new CD, Prayers for The Damned. Nikki Sixx (of Motley Crew Fame) DJ Ashba (Of GnR, and James Michael signed the CD cover. I’m looking forward to volume two already.


Added Three Braves to a Ball at a recent game with the Marlins.

Brian Jordan played for the Braves from 1999-2001. He was voted to the All Star game in 1999, and sadly dealt for Gary Sheffield. He’s currently the Fox Sports South Team analyst for the Braves and was happy to sign after the post game show.


Denny Neagle played for the Braves between 1996–1998 and was an All Star in 1997. He was a super nice guy, and I was thrilled to add him to my collection.


Matt Wisler stopped outside of the dugout and signed maybe 5 or 6 ‘graphs. I was super stoked to add Wisler, as he’s our second best pitcher, and has a bright future with us.



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