A Huge update with Heisman Winners, Great Musicians, Hotties, WWE and More!

Bruce Smith won the Heisman in 1941 and is the oldest Heisman winner I still needed for my Heisman collection. That leaves me with essentially 5 Heisman rookies remaining, since Baker Mayfield and Lamar Jackson will both get rookies later in the year thanks to the NFL Draft. 

Elisha Cuthbert & Paris Hilton were both sultry sex symbols of the mid 2000’s. Cuthbert had her career explode with hits like The Girl Next Door, and the underrated House of Wax before going on to a big role in “24”.  Hilton was also in House of Wax, and was probably best known for her infamous tape “One Night In Paris” – House of Wax was a guilty pleasure of mine, so I picked this one up.

Japandroids are a two man grunge band fronted by Brian King & David Prowse. I saw these guys live at Shaky Knees 2018, and fell in love with there great grungy set. I think this group has a bright future, and I couldn’t pass up on getting these guys in my collection as I enjoyed the music they made as they were one of the cooler bands I discovered at Shaky.

Vance Joy was also at Shaky Knees, and had a killer set. I missed it due to standing as close to the  stage for Tenacious D as possible.

Kane is a WWE Icon and legend of the WWE. I remember watching the Big Red Machine tear up the squared circle during my childhood, and his feuds were legendary. I’ve been wanting Kane for a long time and I’m thrilled to add him to my collection

Nate Washington played Wide Receiver for the Texans for a brief time in 2015, Although he didn’t make an amazing career in Houston, He was kind of a key player for that season, and is a welcome addition to my Texans project.

Mark Boone Junior played Bobby on Sons of Anarchy. I really enjoyed his character on the show, and he was one of my favorites. While the series had it’s highs and lows, Mark Boone Juniors character was certainly one of the better spots. While he hasn’t done much else worth mentioning, He’s a cool pickup.

Rizwan Manji played Rajiv on Outsourced. I loved this goofy show, and Rizwan was the closest thing to the villain on it. He was a fantastic character, and I am thrilled to finally add Manji to my Outsourced collection.

Parvesh Cheena played Gupta on outsourced. He was one of the last few characters I needed, and I’m thrilled to add him to my collection. It’s a shame this show didn’t get more airtime, but you gotta collect what you love!


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3 great music additions

Bishop Briggs is a fantastic up and coming artist. I saw her set at Shaky Knees 2017 and fell in love with her voice and music. She was one of the highlights of my weekend and I was super pumped to preorder her new album and get the signed lithograph. I hope she has a bright career, because I love her music.

Rick Astley is an Internet legend and a damn good singer. I recently got a chance to check him out on tour and had an amazing time, and luckily for me, I was able to meet him after the show on the street outside the venue and add his signature to my Vinyl. It’s my second signature of Rick, but I’m thrilled to add it to my collection.

Jared Leto is the lead singer of 30 Seconds to Mars and a pretty decent actor with roles in Suicide Squad, Blade Runner 2049, Fight Club, Panic Room (which is a guilty pleasure) and many more. I’ve always enjoyed 30 Seconds to Mars and enjoyed seeing them live with Muse in mid 2017 – so when I saw a preorder – I didn’t hesitate. This is probably the shittiest design and item Leto could of signed, but hey, at least I have him?

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Two Hall of Famers and Two great actresses!

Eddie Mathews was a Hall of Fame third Baseman for the Atlanta Braves. A 12 time All Star and Hall of Famer, I’ve been after a Matthews autograph for ages. He passed in 2001, and I’ve spent the past 17 years chasing a nice PSA/DNA example, which are drying up fast.
Elgin Baylor is an NBA Hall of Famer and 11 time All Star who made the 50th Anniversary All Time team. Baylor played his entire career for the Lakers and is one of the greatest forwards of all time. I’m always pumped to add a Hall of Famer to my collection, and Books are always a great way to do it.
Joan Cusack is a great actress best known for her roles on Toy Story and Shameless.  She’s been in several movies like Perks of being a Wallflower, Working Girl, In and Out and Gross Pointe Blank. I really really enjoyed her role in Shameless, and well, she’s the third cast member from the series I’ve picked up!
Lily Rabe is best known for her role on American Horror Story, especially season two Asylum where she was nominated for some awards for her portrayal of Sister Mary Eunice McKee.   She’s been in several minor films, and is a great pickup for the collection!
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A Starlet, Shameless, Horror, Braves, Star Wars & More!

Dakota Fanning has had a fantastic career. Early on she was in War of the Worlds & Man on Fire, and she’s went on to be in great movies like Coraline, Push, and even horrible movies like Twilight. I think she has a very bright future ahead of her and I’ve wanted to add her to my collection for a long, long time, and am pumped to finally do so
Sean Crawford is best known for playing Yak Face in Star Wars return of the Jedi. I can’t resist a good star wars pickup, especially on an Item that’s Black & White with Silver.  Somehow I hadn’t picked up Crawford yet, so he was a No Brainer pickup.
Emma Kenney is best known for playing the annoying Deb on Shameless, and she just took a role on the reboot of Rosanne. I recently picked up Emmy Rossum, so I guess I’ll be picking up more Shameless actors as I can!
Eric Freeman is the man behind one of the “best-worst” sequels ever – Ricky in Silent Night Deadly Night 2. These movies are absolutely horror gold, and Eric is a great addition to my collection!
Ben Rappaport got his breakout role on the greatest comedy to get canned – Outsourced. I loved this show, still love this show, and am super happy to pick up Ben for my collection.  He went on to a brief role in The Good Wife, For The People and Mr. Robot, but I keep hoping he’ll land somewhere. He’s too talented to not do too much more!
Ozzie Albies is the current second baseman for the Braves, and boy, he is flat out mashing the Ball. I wanted to pick up a signed Ozzie rookie as fast as I could before they skyrocket, as I think this guy is going to be the face of the Braves in the next few years. Super stoked to add Ozzie to my collection.
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An American Legend, A great band, and two more Texans

Paul Harvey is an iconic American Broadcaster best known for telling “The Rest..of the Story”. He’s a member of the Radio Hall of Fame, and as someone who grew up in the south, a voice you couldn’t escape. While he may not fit my collection, or be a major pickup in terms of “name” power. Paul Harvey is without a doubt one of my favorite pickups of 2018.

Third Eye Blind is one of those great 90’s bands I grew up with. I had the chance to see them in Concert a few years back, and although I didn’t get anything signed, they had been on my list of bands to acquire.  This one is signed by founding members Brad Hargreaves, Kevin Cadogan, Stephan Jenkins & Arion Salazar.

David Carr was the first ever Draft Selection for the Texans. His carer wasn’t great, nor awful, as the man got sacked every other play. I’ve been after Carr’s SPA rookie for years, it just doesn’t pop up. I finally decided his equally limited Contenders rookie would fit the bill for my Texans rookie collection.
Jabar Gaffney was the second ever Draft selection for the Texans. His career was the definition of mediocrity, but he was a key part of the Texans Franchise early on. Much like David Carr, I held out for his 2002 SPA rookie forever, but those things never come up for auction. His Contender Rookie is equally as limited and a great fit for my collection.
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An Actress and a slew of Texans

Olivia Cooke was absolutely awesome in Ready Player One.  I went in with low expectations, and really enjoyed the movie, so I had to immediately pick up something by her. Luckily for me she signed for the Bates Motel set, which she appeared in 49 episodes of.  She also appeared in the enjoyable Ouija and in the movie Me, Earl & The Dying girl.

Tyrann Mathieu is the big prize for the Texans 2018 free agency class. He’s a one time Pro Bowler and is a new addition to my Texans collection. I’m super hyped to add his best rookie to my collection.

Lamar Miller is the current running back for the Houston Texans and has been the starter for the past few years. He’s preformed admirably as our starter and has done well

Will Fuller is our WR #2 and our former #1 Pick. He was off to an awesome start in 2018 until he got hurt (like our entire team), and I see bright things for him in the future.

D’onta Foreman was drafted to be the replacement for Lamar Miller. He was having a successful rookie campaign, and then suffered a horrible injury to his Achilles. He’s supposed to be well and competing for our starting job, so I competed

Andre Davis & Braxton Miller are both Wideouts who have played for the Texans.  Andre Davis played for us from 2007 to 2010 and owns several franchise records for us in Kick Returns. Miller is our third WR, and battling injuries, but has the potential to be great. Both are awesome additions to the collection.


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James Bond & an NBA Legend

Roger Moore & Carole Bouquet both signed this 8X10 from “For your eyes only”. I’ve always considered Roger Moore the definitive James Bond, and have beenafter him in my collection for a very very long time. It’s extra cool that Carole Bouquet, a fairly well known international actress, is also on the shot. This is one of my favorite pickups of 2018, and probably will be at the end of the year as well.

Dominique Wilkins was a beast who put basketball on the map in Atlanta.  The NBA Hall of Famer was prolific scorer, and one of my favorites to watch growing up. I had the opportunity to get his Jersey signed through Tristar, and jumped at the chance.

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