G.I. Joe, great Actresses and some Braves

Bill Ratner and Mary McDonald Lewis both recently appeared at a convention, and I couldn’t resist picking up an 8×10 signed by both of them. Flint and Lady Jaye were one of the best duo’s on G.I. Joe – and well, G.I. Joe is one of my favorite properties ever.

Reese Witherspoon is a legendary hottie known for Legally Blonde, Wild, Walk The Line, Election, Fear, Cruel Intentions, American Psycho and Water for Elephants. When I saw she was doing a book and had a signed edition. I didn’t hesitate to add her to my collection.

Lucy Lawless has been in in so many great shows I’ve liked. Xena & Hercules, Ash vs The Evil Dead, Parks & Rec, Spartacus  and Battlestar Galactica to name a few. She’s been a long time want of mine and I am thrilled to add her on a nice 11×14. She’s an Icon and one of the baddest women to ever grace TV.

Katy Townsend is a voice actor best known for her role in Fallout 4 as Cait and Mass Effect as Suvi Anwar. Cait and Curry were two of my favorite characters from Fallout 4, so I was thrilled to add Katy to my collection.

Wally Berger was a four time all star for the Boston Braves. He was one of the early sluggers in the Braves franchise history setting several records that stood for many years. He’s a fantastic pickup and there is something about 1933 Goudy that just makes me happy. It’s one of the best looking vintage sets ever.

Rico Carty is a former Braves All Star who spent 9 years on the Braves. He’s a fantastic pick up for the Braves collection.

Ozzie Albies is the current second baseman for the Atlanta Braves. He’s had a monster season and was voted to his first All Star team. Super excited to add his rookie to my Braves collection and see him make hopefully many more All Star games

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Star Wars, Music, Baseball, great actors and a hottie.

Felicity Jones is best known for playing Jyn Erso in Rogue One. She’s also played in Inferno and The theory of everything. Adding Star War’s signatures to my collection is always a pleasure – And adding this leading lady is no exception.

Donnie Yen played Chirrut Îmwe in Rogue One, which was one of the best characters created in Star Wars in the last decade or so. Donnie Yen has had a great career in the IP Man movies, XXX 3 and Hero. He’s a huge addition to my collection, and a name  I am thrilled beyond belief to finally add to my collection.

Artimus Pyle is a legendary drummer for Lynyrd Skynyrd. I had the chance to participate in a private signing with Pyle, and as a result got my very first drum-head signed by one of the finest drummers to ever play southern rock music.  He’s a huge addition to my music collection and this is instantly one of my favorite pieces of the year.

Mickey Rourke is an actor with some great films under his belt like The Wrestler, Iron Man 2, Sin City, The Expendables,  Man on Fire and Once Upon a Time in Mexico. I’ve been wanting him in my collection forever, and I finally was able to grab him on a card.

Phil Ehart, Billy Greer, Rich WilliamsDavid Ragsdale are better known for being members of the band Kansas. Phil Ehart has been the bands drummer since inception.  Billy Greer is the current bass player for Kansas and Rich Williams has been the guitarist of Kansas since day 1. David Ragsdale is the violinist for Kansas. I’ve always liked Kansas and I’m super happy to get 4 of the members on a side project vinyl – Native Window.

Ray Lamontagne is a great alt-rock vocalist known for songs like “You are the Best Thing”. I had a chance to grab his vinyl signed and didn’t hesitate to add him to my collection. I always love the opportunity to add up and coming artists to my collection and felt Lamontagne was no different.

Hope Solo is a legendary goalkeeper for Team USA, Being the womans goalkeeper for 16 years. I always felt the two time Olympic gold medalist was the heart and soul of the team (not to mention the best looking). She holds several U.S. goalkeeper records including appearances (202), starts (190), wins (153), shutouts (102), wins in a season (26), consecutive minutes played (1,256), and longest undefeated streak (55 games) and I am pumped to finally add her to my collection.

Eddie Miller was a 3x All Star for the Boston Braves  in 1940, 1941 and 1942. He was a 7x All Star in total. Miller was a big hole in m Braves project, and is a great addition to the collection and getting it closer to completion.

Davey Johnson was a one time All Star for the Braves. While best known for his coaching, Johnson was a fan favorite of the Braves in the 70s.

Ronald Acuna is the hottest rookie in Baseball, Although he’s not an All Star yet, he’s likely to win an award to be in my Braves collection sooner than later, so I went ahead and picked him up.


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MLB & NFL Hall of Famers, some great actors and more!

Tom Fears was elected to the NFL Hall of Fame in 1970. He is number 272 of my HOF Project, leaving me with 46 to go. A member of the All Decade team of the 1950’s – Fears is a fantastic addition to my collection.

Don Sutton is a member of the Braves Team Hall of Fame and the voice of Braves baseball. He’s a member of the MLB Hall of Fame as well, class of 1998 – and a 4 time All Star. I’ve wanted Sutton for a long time in my collection and I’m thrilled to have him at last.

John Smoltz is one of my all time favorite players.  I had the chance to pick up his signed jersey, and I didn’t hesitate. Smoltz is the heart and soul of the 90’s Braves to me and I am happy to make this my second signed Braves jersey.

Josh Brolin is a guy I just picked up, but I had a chance to do it again so I did. I love him in a lot of his films – so I didn’t hesitate since the last signature was kind of smeared and faded.

Tommy Wiseau is best known for the iconic film “The Room” – It’s not a great film, but I enjoyed watching it and laughed at it more than once. As far as film goes – he’s one of the more interesting pickups I’ve had the chance to make recently

Matt Stewart is an Artist for Magic The Gathering. I’ve been wanting to make a Najeela commander deck, so when I contacted Matt about artist proof’s and saw I could get one for an affordable price – I gladly bought one. I saw his Lord of the Rings work on his Facebook page and knew I had to ask for a sketch of Aragorn.

Jim Thome was just elected to the MLB Hall of Fame. Known for launching bombs into the stands – The 5x All Star and 600 HR Hitter is a great addition to my collection.

George Wright was a part of the Braves history, way back to the Boston RedStockings era. He didn’t really have a rookie card, so his 50’s Callahan will suffice.

Larry Storch is a comedian and voice actor best known for his roles on F-Troop and The Great Race. He voiced early renditions of Dracula, The Joker and Merlin the Magic Mouse.

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Hall of Famers, Music Greats, Actors and Actresses!

Bobby Beathard was elected to the NFL Hall of Fame this year. Despite a lengthy career as a GM, he never appeared on any cardboard until his induction. I’m always happy to add a Hall of Famer to my collection, and Beathard is a welcome addition.

Warren Spahn was inducted into the MLB Hall of Fame in 1973 and is one of the best to ever suit up for the Braves Organization.  All time wise i’d rank him behind Aaron and Matthews. This has been a want of mine for a long, long time, and I’m beyond ecstatic to add it to my collection.

The Offspring is one of my favorite bands ever and one of the big reasons I had a huge punk rock phase.  This 12×18 is signed by lead guitarist and vocalist Dexter Holland Bassist Greg Kriesel  and the ever famous guitarist Noodles. This is a HUGE get for my music collection and one of my favorites of 2018.

Gary Sinise is one of the classiest guys in Hollywood, and is known for his timeless portrayal of Lt. Dan on Forrest Gump and for his time on CSI: NY. I’ve always enjoyed CSI: NY – and made great headway towards a cast project once – and Sinise is a bit of closure for that.

Jeff Goldblum is an iconic actor known for his time in movies like Jurassic Park, Independence Day, The Fly and even for being in the Marvel Cinematic universe as the Grandmaster.  Jurassic Park was one of my favorite movies as a kid, so I’m stoked to add one of the most unforgettable scenes in movie history in my collection.

Elisabeth Moss is known for her role on Mad Men and the hot new popular show “The Handmaids Tale” I loved Mad Men, so I’m thrilled to finally add her to my collection. It’s always nice to add another cast member – even if I have no intention of finishing the cast.

Dominique McElligott played the Fair Haired Maiden of the West – Lillie Bell on Hell on Wheels. I’ve been watching a lot of Hell on Wheels, and her and Anson Mount were to names I suddenly felt a need to acquire.  I was pleased to acquire Ms. McElligott – despite her crappy low effort signature.

Felissa Rose is one of the nicest celebrities I’ve met, and when you get a chance to get her again, you take it.

Kelly Oxford was known for being funny on Twitter and Instagram, and then she released a book that was kind of a dud. I always liked her Twitter humor, so I added her to the collection because why not?

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Music, Actors and MLB greats

Orlando Bloom is a name i’ve wanted for a long long time, While his signature is pretty crappy. I was pleased to get him on a nice 12×18 as Will Turner from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. I would of prefered a Legolas shot, but this one will do nicely. Kingdom of Heaven and Black Hawk Down were also classics and Bloom is a HUGE get for my collection.

Jack Black is a comedy genius who happens to rock out a lot. I’ve always enjoyed a lot of his movies, but it wasn’t until I saw him at Shaky Knees preforming as Tenacious D that I really gained a TON of respect for him. I’ve enjoyed a lot of his work from School of Rock to King Kong, and now he’s a proud addition to my collection

Walter Rabbit Maranville was inducted into the MLB HOF in 1954 as a member of the Boston Braves, and he’s also in the Braves team HOF. He is a super big hole for my Braves project, and I was stunned to be able to get his 1933 Goudey for such a great bargain.

Don Larsen is a 2 time World Series Champion, a World Series MVP and a Perfect Game Pitcher. Larsen is a baseball legend, and my neighbor growing up used to tell me about seeing this game as a kid. It’s a wonderful addition to my collection, and one I am proud to own.

David EllefsonDave Mustaine are the key parts of Megadeth. While I met them both (and the rest of the Band) at Carolina Rebellion 2016, I saw they had a signed vinyl preorder and I jumped on it. I was a bit disappointed it was just Ellefson and Mustaine and it was on an insert, but it came out nice enough and is a cool addition to the collection.

Florence Welch of Florence + The Machine is an amazing artist. I saw her at Shaky Knees 2016 and was inches away from her during part of her set, and man, I fell in love with Florence. She had such a wonderful high energy set and really blew me away. When I saw she had a signed preorder, I pulled the trigger and ordered faster than I ever have before. Super thrilled to add Florence to my collection.

Kirk Hammett is a lead guitarist for Metallica. I have been after some Metallica stuff since I saw them live at Suntrust Park, and was thrilled to get a Kirk for the collection. Kirk isn’t Lars or Hetfield, but he still is a rock god and most welcome in my collection.

Ricky Skaggs is a Bluegrass Legend. He was nearby recently, and I had the opportunity to get him to sign a photo. Pleased to add him to my collection, as he is a music legend.

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Fanboy Expo 2018!

Ron Perlman was one of the “headliners” at Fanboy Expo and had one of the longest lines in Fanboy Expo History. He was a fantastic guest though, and I am thrilled I was able to add a nice personalized Perlman to my collection, as I love the Hellboy Films and franchise. Perlman was a big reason I made the trip, and he didn’t let me down.

Selma Blair played Liz Sherman in Hellboy, and also had an equally brutal line as Perlman, I partly think it was due to her being 3 hours late to the show, but I’m super stoked to add her to my collection on a gorgeous 8×10. She’s done other stuff like The Sweetest Thing and Cruel Intentions, but she’ll always be Liz from Hellboy to me!

Neil Ross brought to life the Iconic Shipwreck & Dusty from G.I. Joe. I absolutely adore G.I. Joe and getting this scene from the movie intro? Absolutely was amazing to add to my collection. Although Ross is a signature I’ve had, and actually my first voice acting signature many, many years ago – It’s a pleasure to get such an amazing shot signed.

Steve Whitmire has been part of the Muppets Franchise since 1978, but assumed the role of Kermit the Frog and Ernie in 1990 after Jim Hensons death. He’s a voice acting Legend, and one I am super thrilled to have in my collection! Whitmire was one of the nicest celebrities I’ve met at a convention, and an absolute class act.

David Yost played Billy the blue Ranger on Power Rangers.  This show was one of my favorites growing up, and Billy is the third Ranger i’ve been able to add to my collection. Super nice guy in person, and one I’m thrilled to add to my collection!

Judith Hoag played April O’Neil in the 1990 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. She’s not done too much else – Halloween Town with Disney, but her role in TMNT was iconic. Ms Hoag was an absolute sweetheart and a pleasure to meet, and is a great addition to the collection.

Arn Anderson is a WWE Hall of Famer and member of the iconic 4 Horseman Stable. Arn was an absolute pleasure to meet, and was a super cool addition to the collection. I love the opertunity to add a WWE Legend to my collection, and Fanboy always has some good ones.

Timothy Zahn is a Star Wars and SCI-FI Legend. You really don’t see a lot of authors at conventions, but I was pumped to see a guy like Zahn at the convention. Zahn wrote some of the best Star Wars novels ever, and is a guy that was awesome to meet and get him to sign a hardcover. I’ve not read the new Thrawn book. I’ve heard it’s the best of the newer books, so we’ll see how it is.

Roy Thomas is a comics legend and Icon. He’s credited with creating Marvels Conan, Red Sonya, Carol Danvers, Tigra, Ultron, Wolverine, Vision Iron Fist, Man Thing, Morbius, Quarsar, Nighthawk The Destroyer, Valkyrie The Grim Reaper and GamesMaster and DC’s Doctor Mid-Nite and countless others (over 150) Getting Moore in my collection was an absolute honor and privledge, and I was pumped to add him on two Conan’s and a Print.

Sam De La Rosa is one of the top artists of the 90’s and a guy who worked on two of my favorite Childhood books – Spiderman and Venom. I’m thrilled to add him to my collection,  and was super happy he was there!

Mike Grell has one of the most iconic art stiles of the last few decades, as he made the Green Arrow one of the best drawn books of the last 40 years. I’ve got a Grell before, but you can never have enough Mike Grell!

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Some great actors and musicians!

Josh Brolin set the world on fire this summer, playing both Thanos in Infinity War & Cable in Deadpool. He’s been in so many other amazing films like Sicairo, No Country for Old Men, True Grit, Men in Black 3, Everest, Jonah Hex and Sin City. I’ve wanted to add him to my collection for a long, long time – and with his explosion in popularity I was lucky to be able to add him at all. This isn’t the nicest piece, but it’ll do!

David Arquette is best known for his time on the scream franchise. He’s done some other great works like the original Buffy movie, the shockingly good DMX movie “Never Die Alone”.. Oddly enough he’s also a WCW Heavyweight Champion but he’s a sweet addition to the collection!

Fantastic Negrito is one of the best surprises on a lower card of a Festival I’ve seen. Xavier Dphrepaulezz is the man behind Fantastic Negrito and when I saw they were doing a signed vinyl preorder 6 months ago, I jumped on it as I wanted to make sure he’s in my collection and support a great up and coming artist. In a world where I am consistently disappointed with signed music preorders – this one came through!

Judah and the Lion  is an amazing band made up of Judah Akers, Brian Macdonald and Nate Zuercher. I’ve had the lucky opportunity to see Judah and The Lion twice, once at Music Midtown in 2017, and also opening up for Jimmy Eat World and Incubus. This band is super fun live, and I think is a band that will be going places and I’m thrilled to add them to my collection

Sir Sly is a great up and coming band made up of Landon Jacobs, Jason Suwito and
Hayden Coplen. I Got to see them live at Shaky Knees 2018, and was super impressed by the set they did.

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