Star Wars and Sci-Fi!

Got in some very cool  pickups today. The first being a signed Alphacon Program from the fabled 2001 show. It’s signed on the front cover and the back, and 2 signatures in the middle. The program has 4 signatures in total including 3 new ones for my collection (and a third that I sure didn’t mind double dipping on)

Warwick Davis is the guy I already had an autograph of – but I had him on an Americana card and nothing of him portrayed as Wicket the ultra cute and iconic ewok.

Angus MacInnes was my driving force in purchasing the program. He’s an uncommon signer and one you don’t see doing too many conventions or for sale that often. He played “Gold Leader” in the original trilogy. He also had a minor role in Hellboy.

Paul Blake is a guy i’ve been wanting to add for awhile.  I’ve been outbid on several of his topps cards  – so adding him at last was nice.

Mike Edmonds is a guy that i’ve passed over adding multiple times usually do to budget reasons.. He played the Ewok Logray and also the chief Ugnaught in ESB. He’s certainly a nice edition to my collection

The next two ‘Graph pickups come courtesy of Ben Stevens at Official Pix. Both were signers at his “Women of Sci-Fi” Convention.

Mira Furlan – is best known for her role on Babylon 5. I’ve never really gotten into that, but I did enjoy her on her 18 episode arc on Lost. She’s a solid pickup. She signed for Rittenhouse and Inkworks for the lost set’s – but they don’t seem to come up that often.

Magda Apanowicz was in Caprica as Lucy Rand. She’s not done much else – but she’s a pretty actress who could have a great career, and the show wasn’t too bad either!


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